Thursday, February 21

Teacher Fetish

happy birthday Spoon!

Spoon had her bday party at Japas 38, my favorite karaoke bar b/c it does that amazing 2-3 hr deal of $30 per person which includes all the sake, beer, and wine you can drink as well as all the hot apps and sushi you can eat. and unlike many other asian karaoke bars, Japas also has a really good collection of songs.

i haven't been good about keeping in touch w/Spoon so when she asked me to her attend her birthday party of course i had to go. plus she always makes time for me when i invite her out so i gotta show the love. the night was fun, especially since i didn't eat anything before going which made all the sake bombs that much better (but, like a responsible girl, i ate plenty once i got there). Spoon definitely got wasted b/c she was keeping pace w/all the sake bombs her boy was doing, which was about every 10 mins. it was to the point where i had to take a breather b/c all that food and constant sake bombs were wreaking havoc on my stomach.

afterwards we went to Union Square Bar but we were literally there for about 10 mins before there was an announcement that Spoon's boy had thrown up in the bathroom and had to be taken home. luckily, Coleslaw and DRC were on there way into the city so i just waited for them to meet me at the bar and we headed over to Azza to meet up w/1 of DRC's many boys, in this case DearJohn. there was this ridiculous door policy at Azza and it turned out DearJohn wasn't able to get in b/c 1 of his friends was wearing sneakers and they were in the midst of deciding where to go and until then we just had to wait for them. thank god for being girls in NYC vs. guys b/c even tho Azza was only letting in ppl who were on guest lists for bday parties i cajoled the bouncer into letting us in since we were only 3 girls.

ive never been to Azza but the setting's pretty nice. lush harem-like sofas and a cigar-lounge style room in the back w/a pool table and everything. however, the music totally blows. so 80's white music kind of difficult to dance to, altho DRC was doing her best and whipping ppl in the face w/her extension-like hair.

it turned out DearJohn was at Galway Hooker, which was also coincidentally where Oppa was so i was game to go but DearJohn was on his way out and i couldn't finagle the girls to go to Galway Hooker. instead we ended up at BBar where DRC finally met up w/DearJohn (altho that scenario didn't work out exactly as planned, but let's not delve into it or else i'll have to go into how many times DRC asked "do you think he likes me?"). Coleslaw and i were more like escorts for DRC than actually out on the prowl but something funny did happen while we sat off to the side.

well 1st, when Coleslaw went up to get drinks somebody grabbed her ass. this was prob after being there for about 10 mins. and what's even better is that Coleslaw thought it was me so she didn't even turn around. but eventually she did and she saw it wasn't me and she gave those boys a what-are-you-kidding-me-i-don't-think-so look. honestly guys, why do you think it's ok to do that? unless you're in the age range of 18-21 yrs old, it's NEVER ok to do that (unless you know the person-then grab all you want).

2nd, Coleslaw and i both happened to be wearing out glasses that night and out of the blue, some guy came up to us and complimented us on our glasses. it's hard to describe why this wasn't cheesy, but it really wasn't. it was done in a perfectly gentlemanly way and he paid his compliment, talked for a few mins, and then scurried away. it was just right.

eventually the night ended w/us back at Coleslaw's just being weird. Ergo all the odd pics.

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