Tuesday, February 5

someone doesn't wear underwear...

everyone who knows me knows i'm not much of a sports fanatic.

but that doesn't mean i don't know how to watch sports. i think i probably learned b/c i wanted to hang out w/boys and be 1 of those cool girls that actually knew about sports. but when i actually sit down and watch games, i actually really get into it surprise surprise!

and what was the biggest sporting event going on recently? SUPERBOWL! went to a small party in Tribeca w/Bubby and Kiks, full of ppl i never knew before. the apartment building was sick w/an amazing view from the 19th floor and a community balcony on the 14th floor. phew...to be a VP at Goldman Sachs huh?

i got there around 5 which meant plenty of time for drinking before the actual game. by the time the game came around i was the only girl there that was actually watching it. it just meant more guy high-fives for me i guess. i haven't watched a football game like that probably since high school. i was literally jumping up and screaming every 10-15 mins. i also kept texting Oppa and Coleslaw whenever something would go down.

after the game i headed back to Brooklyn (altho not before watching Kiks make out and Bubby swear up and down that she was getting married at City Hall the next day) and popped into Egg's apartment (quite tipsy). i recounted the whole game for him since he didn't watch it. i mean, really?! Egg was getting ready for bed and was strolling around in his PJs and that's when i noticed...

ahem, never mind. what a great superbowl.

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