Friday, February 8

i need some more whities in my pics

good thing i've got Coleslaw and crew or else my blog would look like a Swerve/Loveboat blog huh?

Ol' and Coleslaw's birthdays are a few days apart so they decided to celebrate it together, which is a very thoughtful thing for us friends. i went shopping in Union Square w/Ol' 1st to find some party gear to wear. ironically, the dress she ended up buying and wearing (it was superhot, no joke) was 1 that i had pulled off the rack and told her to try on, more as a jokey-what-if than an actual real choice. Ol' is quite, um, well-endowed (that's appropriate wording right?) and so really low-cut shirts and dresses usually don't work great on her and this dress was of the J.Lo-Oscar-dress style except in little-black-dress version. but lo and behold, she looked smoking. particularly when she wore it w/non-matching tube socks.

we did a pre-party dinner at Il Palazzo in Little Italy. a little on the pricey side for the size of the restaurant but there's a beautiful seating area in the back, the portions are ginormous, and it's very elegant/date-y. Coleslaw and me split a canteloup/honey dew (i always confuse the 2) and prosciutto salad which was so light and refreshing and was perfect as an appetizer before our super heavy pasta entrees. since i hate double-ordering and Coleslaw had already opted for the chicken canneloni w/bechamel sauce special i ended up ordering something else that i can't remember except it was in a vodka sauce w/prosciuotto. i lucked out either way b/c Coleslaw couldn't finish her meal and i got to take hers and my leftovers home. yea!
the party was at Sweet and Vicious which was only a couple of blocks away from the restaurant, so very convenient. good job DRC! i can tell that Sweet and Vicious would be prob be my favorite neighborhood bar if i lived in the neighborhood, but that weekend night it was so packed it was impossible to move. and the girls had a lot of friends coming for their party but we hadn't been able to book a table (some kind of miscommunication w/the bar). altho i really tried to tough it out, the unmovable sea of ppl and the heavy meal just caused me to get lethargic instead of partied up.

we did a 2nd mini-celebration on Monday for Ol' and went to Clinton Street Baking Co. for brunch. the wait was an insane 1 and 1/2 hours but the food made it pretty worth it. and the little silver dollar pancakes they dole out for the ppl waiting inside are quite delicious, particularly w/their maple butter. i could just drink the maple butter and i'd be happy. the food there really is heavenly. Coleslaw and Chap got the amazing breakfast sandwiches which has eggs and cheese on their ginormous homemade biscuits and i stuck w/a Spanish Omelette (i feel like i have to order eggs whenever i go out to brunch).

this outing was pretty much the start of my downward fatty spiral...

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