Monday, January 28

do you think it's really true?

legend has it that if you catch the bouquet at a wedding then you're supposed to be the next in line right? you think it's really true? i'm beginning to have my doubts based on how my love life's been going...

went to Debs' cousin's wedding, which itself is an incredulous situation. when Debs and i were kids she had a group of cousins who were all about 4+ yrs older than us or something like that. they were the cool kids that got me to watch Goonies for the 1st time and all that fun 80's stuff. there were 3 girls and 1 boy, the boy being the youngest. and now that we're all in our early 20's (honestly only Debs is in her early 20's) through early 30's, i can't believe it was that boy cousin who's the 1st to get married out of that bunch. but there i was, attending his wedding.

Debs and i are practically family since we grew up together so of course me and my fam attended the wedding. totally delish reception by the way. about the best spread and variety i've seen at any wedding, including 1 i attended that had caviar and vodka shot bar. even tho you should save yourself for the meal, they're always inevitably less yummy than the reception food. this is a wedding attendee rule to live by if you ask me. mmm, just thinking about it makes me want to eat an entire raw bar again. had 1 of the better family-attended wedding experiences since i, of course, sat at the kids table but this time the kids table was filled w/all ppl i knew (me and Debs and all the cousins) so it was just liking having a big group dinner together.

then came time to throw the bouquet.

Debs was hilarious b/c she was REALLY clamoring for it. i mean, she really wanted it. i decided to hang back w/Mini-Debs and Mini-me since they wanted the bouquet the least. in retrospect i should've seen how i was standing at the wrong place strategically. i was standing in a an almost directly straight line behind the bride. however, i'll justify my decision by saying the i was hiding behind a whole row of bride-wannabe-line backers. i felt like the protected quarterback in my little pocket. i ended up underestimating the bride tho, who, it turns out, is quite athletic and the groom was coaching her so she wouldn't throw the bouquet up too high and hit the chandelier. instead, she did an athletic straight bee-line throw that had such force that it penetrated my linebackers and out of sheer instinct my hands shot out to protect my face and i ended up catching the bouquet. Debs and all the cousins had the biggest laugh about this.

they also couldn't stop laughing when i had to participate w/a complete stranger to have him put the garter belt on in front of my parents.

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