Sunday, March 2

the appearance of the sex face

it's been a whirlwind of info and activity since this event so i haven't been able to write about it, but it's finally here: LAW PROM!!! but before i can discuss the event itself, i've gotta discuss how i ended up there. i didn't go to Barrister's Ball last year (when i had a bf/permanent date) so i definitely wasn't planning on going this year (when i don't have a bf/permanent date). however, Coleslaw, DRC and Ol' had different plans for me. it was about a week before the prom and they had all just assumed i was going and when i told them i wasn't they were all pretty shocked but at this point the tickets had increased in price by 2/3s so my option of purchasing one was pretty much out the window. Coleslaw then turned to me and pulled $20 from her wallet and said, "if i give you $20 will you consider purchasing a ticket?" I wasn't sure what to say and then DRC and Ol' also pulled money from their wallets and said they would also contribute if i just came b/c they really wanted me there. i was so touched! now, when i retold this story to Oppa his immediate reaction was:
"what are you poor?"

whereas, when i told Kiks this story her immediate reaction was:
"aww! your friends are so sweet!"

opposite sexes really have totally different brains. anyways, so after that it was set in stone and i purchased my Barrister's Ball ticket. but i love those girls for making it happen.
Law school prom is just like high school prom, except you can legally drink. all the pre-prom rituals are the same: shopping for dresses, getting manis and pedis, doing your hair and make-up. everyone had such adorable dresses! and then there was mine. Ol' and i went to Forever 21 to look at dresses (yes, i am that classy) and i finally found this blue one that i thought was fun enough for law school prom (b/c we're all too old to wear those poofed-out cupcake dresses now). i showed Ol' and she also liked it, although we noticed that when i jumped up to do a victory "yippee!" that the dress was a little short. the day before prom i went down to Coleslaw's and we all compared dresses and tried them on. when DRC lay our dresses out on the bed was when i realized exactly how short my dress was. and then it started to dawn on me: maybe my dress wasn't actually a dress at all. after further investigating (Coleslaw checked the tag), our suspicions were confirmed: my dress was actually a shirt. but let me explain b/c when i tried it on everyone noticed that it didn't look like a shirt, and looked legitimately like a dress. i also felt better when i realized that, when on, DRC's dress was actually shorter than mine. so phew! there was 1 wardrobe malfunction tho when Lane and i started dancing together and she kept pulling my dress up. luckily i wore nice underwear. afterwards (she was a little drunk) she turned to me and said, "i just rocked you" and all i can say is, yes, she definitely did.
i have to give props for where Barrister's Ball was held this year. since i didn't go last year i don't really have a basis of comparison but i've heard horror stories about last year's venue. Steiner Studios 6 was pretty nice and the view (the 1 time i cared to look) was gorgeous. i preferred the cocktail room set-up vs. the main dining room's set-up but then again, the former made drinking easier whereas the latter allowed dancing. the prom itself is very much like rowdy college cotillions. everyone's drinking like fiends (it was 5-hr open bar) and all the single ppl are all trying to hook-up. about every 10 mins i would notice out of the corner of my eye another couple making out (or maybe it was the same ones just moving around). and, very much like high school, there was an underlying current of drama-it was always there, just on the cusp. DRC had her tensions w/a certain BMOC which continued all the way through to the after-party in DUMBO. Coleslaw was the funniest but that may have been b/c she was the most inebriated. aside from leaving her purse at the prom venue, there were 3 very funny incidents of Coleslaw's (that i heard 2nd hand tho):
1. DRC went to the coatcheck to try and get Coleslaw's coat and since Coleslaw had lost her ticket the coatcheck girl asked Coleslaw to identify anything about the jacket: what was in the pockets, color, etc. what Coleslaw managed to muster was "it's Anne! it's Anne!" what she meant was it's either Ann Taylor or Anne Klein. eventually she did get her jacket (luckily there were only about 3 or 4 left at that time) but it wasn't b/c of the specificity of her description.
2. at the after-party, apparently Coleslaw fell down the stairs.
3. Coleslaw and Ol' got ready to leave the after-party. when DRC sees them she notices Ol' has her jacket on but not Coleslaw. she asks what happened and Ol' says she can't find it, it's gone. DRC looks at Coleslaw and, even tho it's freezing outside, Coleslaw just shrugs her shoulders ambivalently. ok, maybe for this story you'd have to see the re-enactment but the look on Coleslaw's face when she does this guesture is one of the cutest and amusing expressions.

so shenanigans abounded, as they should at any prom. and everyone, even i, was involved in something that they wish they hadn't done...

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