Monday, December 31

this christmas...will be...a very special christmas...

since it's NYE, what everyone wants to know is: "what are you doing tonight?" and just the whole process of it, along w/this holiday itself, is making me feel tired. and it hasn't even started yet. so instead of focusing on that, i'm gonna think of mellower times: christmas w/the fam in jersey.

had such an adorable and relaxing time home w/the fam over the holidays. since i barely hung out w/anyone in order to recharge my batteries i just goofed off and was extremely immature w/my younger cousins and little sister. got some good presents that i can actually use and would wear this year, always a plus.

even tho this whole time home was for recharging my batteries, i did manage to see Bear and Whoa. Bear and i did the whole super jersey experience by going to Chili's for dinner and then heading over to Cleveland's for drinks after. Cleveland's is like going to a mini high school reunion for me b/c all the kids who ended up never leaving my hometown end up there for the night. Bear and i got there at a little after 10 pm and the place seemed mellow, like a local bar. as soon as we sat down i ended up seeing a boy i had a crush on from high school. we did our nods of acknowledgement and moved on. then i noticed the table he was sitting w/were all from my high school. this sparked a lengthy convo w/Bear about what we would've been like if we had stayed in our hometowns: would we be going to Cleveland's every night? would we take a date here? would we come here if we were single and were looking to hook up? it was an endless convo of "what-ifs" and i'm not sure i'm too curious to find out the answers.
around 11 pm the place really started to fill up and then it was a flood of ppl i went to high school w/. and that was our cue to leave. it's not that i don't like those ppl. they're nice enough. the issue is that i don't have anything to say to them nor do i really care what's happened to them. i only care in a gossipy-did-they-get-fat-where-are-they-now way. so why bother?
right before i left i met w/Whoa at this cofffee shop which i never knew of but am going to be a regular at from now on called Fine Grind. it's adorable and the menu is ginormous. love it. i opted for a Diana's Decadence (vanilla hazelnut latter w/whipped cream topped w/a nilla wafer and peanuts) while Whoa got a Mint FroHo (frozen hot chocolate w/mint). we haven't had much time to chat w/her starting her 1st year of med school so we spent a lot of time catching up on what's been going on. even w/the trials and tribulations of med school Whoa still managed to get a boyfriend who sounds very promising right now. lucky biatch. so happy for her tho b/c she deserves to be w/someone good. she's too much of a hottie and way too smart to be single.
of course a trip to jersey wouldn't be complete w/o gorging myself at Minado so the family had a mini-reunion for the holidays at Minado my last night there. so much seafood. so gluttonous.

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