Wednesday, December 26

an Oppa pseudo-date

did i ever mention this crowning achievement? yep, i once had the fortune of having an Oppa pseudo-date.

let me just clarify this term "pseudo-date" tho i'm sure it's not hard to decipher. it's just the word i like to use to define hanging out w/a boy who you feel really comfortable w/ but it's just the 2 of you and you do stuff that might be considered a date if it wasn't for the fact that there is no chance of anything romantic or intimate happening beyond a platonic level. however, b/c i truly enjoy it and hope that all my real dates are so comfortable and fun i like to call them "pseudo-dates": essentially they're models for the future. wishful thinking.

so i've had pseudo-dates w/Prez and a lifetime full of them w/O-Henry and now i can confidently say that i've had 1 w/Oppa as well. this was back when i was still recovering from the plague but had spent so much time indoors at that point that i needed to get out on a friday night but didn't have the stamina for a real night out. Oppa happened to call and was in the same mood as me and was coming into the city w/some friends. at 1st we were supposed to meet at some place whose name i can't remember but as soon as i found out it was a ultra-trendy club i passed. Oppa wasn't feeling it either so he dropped his friends at the club and we met up at Blue Owl as recommended by Debs as a low-key lounge. i actually really like this place although it was a little more crowded than i'd hoped (but not obnoxiously so) and i guess that's a sign of a good place. it was fun to chat w/Oppa about everything and nothing. mostly i lament about how un-dateable i am and Oppa tells me why (do i talk too much? or is that a rhetorical question when asked on a personal blog?).

afterwards we went to Players for a few more drinks before Oppa would have to pick up his friends from the club and drive back to jersey. while there we randomly ran into Joebo and some of Oppa's other friends. ktown really is so small at 1 or 2 am. right as we were leaving Goldilocks and Yuka met me b/c Joebo had been clamoring for food. we finally sat down at Kunjip and then Joebo all of a sudden jumped up and said he had to go. it was so weird although i was advised by Oppa that he was obviously drunk. and you know why it obvious? b/c before Joebo left he gave me a hug and said "i love you". that's why it's supposed to be obvious (translated: he would never say that if he was sober. thanks, thanks a lot). regardless the girls all ended up staying and we ate some much needed food before heading back to brooklyn.


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