Friday, December 7

a pounding headache

i'm hiding out in my room for exams, but i'm still not being very productive. as evidenced by this entry. so sad can't make it to Stitch's holiday party at Opus 22. come to think of it, i missed it last year too b/c of exams. i'm also missing Debs' friend's holiday party. sigh. it's at this amazing apt located right near Union Square above the Chase Bank. you can't miss it. it looks like the kind of apt that exists in movies about 20-somethings living in Manhattan. except this person's real. and friends w/Debs.

since i can't go to these fun events, i'll just reminisce about an event that i've been meaning to write about for a while but hadn't gotten around to it: BLSPI Talent Show. i didn't go last yr, but decided to go this yr and help out (yes, i'm actually part of another org aside from APALSA). turns out they really didn't need my help but i stayed and Brantley and Ol' met me there. i was still on antibiotics from the plague at that time and i remember i was feeling pretty loopy from just 2 beers (yea antiobiotics!). the show was pretty good:
1. Chase Honeycup sang and played guitar. funny antics ensued involving the mic stand and Chase's height
2. BLS has its very own Jewish lawyer version of Eminem! he was actually really good and i'm kicking myself for not remembering his name. it was something hysterical...
3. the girl who should've won was actually something totally unplanned. some random girl was running towards the stage during intermission and took a massive digger. that everyone saw. i know it's mean to laugh at the person who falls, but it was funny. and for some reason the way it happened/how she did it was so that nobody there didn't see it
4. Institution did TaeKwonDo. umm, at least i think it was Tae Kwan Do...think he'll kick my ass if i misquote it? he does take it really seriously...
5. asians breakdancing. yea, you heard me right. well, actually, 1 asian. but still impressive. i remember Buddy and i rushing to the front and grabbing seats in the 1st row when it was time for breakdancers. we're such a couple of groupies.

so yea, the event was fun as a whole. but of course the really fun stuff happens afterwards, when everyone goes out for more drinks. we started out at Brazen Head which was completely packed. Egg and i walked there together w/some others and an argument got started about who should've won the talent show which somehow snowballed into an argument about gender and social trends. awkward. once it got too serious i just stayed neutral but Egg seemed pretty mad and left not long after getting to the bar.

or wait, did he? things were pretty chaotic. i remember stealing Buddy's hat and wearing it around and then Kinky and i got completely engrossed in a conversation about antics related to his name. this conversation was actually how Kinky got this nickname. and recently i found out from Egg that Kinky's got an Asian fetish. maybe that's why we were having that convo. hmmm...

we later travelled to Floyd's where i kept bugging Buddy, and in retrospect, i might've been cockblocking him. my bad... afterwards, Kinky and i went to Brantley's to potentially drink some more. then something weird happened.

Kinky and i were talking while walking into the elevator and then Brantley walked in w/this random guy. i could swear they were talking when i saw them. then he went w/us to Brantley's and we sat around drinking wine and Brantley was hiding out in the kitchen w/Kinky when the topic of pancakes came up but Brantley claimed to be too drunk to make them. then things were all of a sudden weird-like the atmosphere was weird. Kinky said he'd be leaving and the random guy went w/him.

now, the whole time i'd just assumed that Brantley knew this guy; that they'd met at Floyd's or just knew him from BLS since he lived in Feil. but nope. he was just some random guy. Kinky came back to Brantley's about 15 mins later which makes me realize how oblivious i am (that Kinky knew to draw this guy away but to come back). Brantley made us pancakes (yea!) and then i headed home where i passed right out b/c by that time i'd started to get that wine-related pounding headache.

as a post-script i was recently informed that that night was a just a fluke for random weird guy and he's actually very cool. who knew?

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