Friday, January 4

juuuust right aka i'm allergic

welcome to 2008! let's hope this year goes better than last year for me. and in the spirit of leaving the bad things behind: the after-exams party was the start of it all.

Egg and i made plans to go for drinks immediately after our Evidence finals (altho we had different professors, we both agreed we had the same problem: not enough time, too much info). Unnie and i ran into each other outside of BLS and since Egg got leewayed we went back to my place and drank baek seju until Egg and Goldilocks could meet us. once the crew was assembled we headed over to Gravy to get some food in us. Egg and i split some chili fries which i only now realize in retrospect was all i had to eat for the day. no wonder i got so hungover-sick the next day. altho Goldilocks only had an order of new england clam chowder (which looked so good-i'm such a sucker for chowders) and Unnie only had an appetizer order of mussels.
the dinner was a very interesting conversation. what if you could never achieve and orgasm? what if you were allergic to cum? would you ever let someone photograph you during sex? the topics were along this line but in relevant non-abstract ways. enough to make poor Egg blush. i learned a lot about my girls, particularly Goldilocks and her anatomy. heehee that girl always makes me laugh.

after dinner, Goldilocks went to her own party and Unnie, Egg, Co-Chair and i went on our way to Galway Hooker for the after-exams party. now, i didn't attend the party last year, but holy toledo! this is what i learned about the after-exams party: it's hook-up heaven. it makes sense: everyone's been stressed out for the past 2 or 3 weeks and now they can let loose and just do the whole devil-may-care attitude about it. but yep, lots of hook-ups going on and not just 1L slores either (that's not my term, someone else made it up).
DRC was there and she's always hilarious, particularly when Chase Honeycup is around. i've gotta be more careful about using that name in public b/c Chase is gonna wise up soon but i love it so much and it totally fits him. DRC kept introducing me as the BLS Gossip Girl and advising them of my blog and etc. shh!!!! it's supposed to be a secret! that's why ppl's names are anonymous (for the most part; should it be time that i change Brantley's name?) i got a Facebook message from DRC the next day where that concept finally dawned on her.
there was a mini-drama w/Co-Chair and a kissing couple that kind of dampened the night before Egg and i and a 1L headed over to Kunjip for some after drinks food. by that point i was starting to feel really wasted and couldn't drink any more. the pajeun just barely helped me to not throw up that night.


Anonymous said...

thank you for not mentioning my shameless, SHAMELESS flirting with a 1L...

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