Wednesday, December 19

last hurrah before Thanksgiving

let's reminisce about happier days...or at least more fun days. the last time i can recall that iwas actually out and about was right before thanksgiving. that's so sad... well at least when i did go out i made it worthwhile.
APALSA planned a last hurrah event at Vesta, planned by the 1L reps and they did a good job. definitely lots o' asians. although most of them didn't go to BLS. nor were they members of APALSA. o well, the more the merrier i guess. Adidas, Wifey and i went there together and it was kind of quiet at 1st but then ppl started to trickle in. i'm actually not a big fan of Vesta only b/c it's kind of small. however, they came through by offering 2 for 1 deals. YEA!! and you had to buy both drinks at once (easier to administer it that way). so double shots all around! Adidas and Wifey began the night by deciding to see who could outdrink the other (it's not really a contest b/c it's pretty much lose-lose either way: Adidas will turn into a sloppy mess while Wifey will turn belligerent and sullen). Snoopy had called me earlier b/c he'd gotten an invite from 1 of the 1L reps (yes it's a small world always) and met me there. it's hard to pinpoint anything specific for the night b/c there was a lot of ppl there and there was lots of different stuff going on. 1 of the 1L reps was trying to get his mack on. Adidas somehow knew a whole group of boys that nobody knew. BST was doing "Cali dancing" ( it involves lots of arms if i remember correctly). Hey-Yaaa and i were discussing how i felt weird talking to ppl i didn't know b/c everyone was very 6-degrees of separation but we kept perusing the crowd for good-looking boys. hitting on Buddy and his little brother. and lots and lots and lots of Grey Goose shots.
afterwards we went to Kunjip for food. i can't remember if we took a cab or walked or what. i think it was a cab. yea, this is where the night got kind of hazy. i know we got to Kunjip and i sat w/Co-Chair and Buddy.Snoopy was sitting across from me and like a good friend he kept asking me if i was okay. and we drank lots of baek saeju. i think that's all i ended up imbibing at Kunjip. no food, just drinks. and i kept bugging Buddy about his little brother b/c they look nothing alike. i kept asking "are you guys really brothers? really? REALLY?!?!" i'm sure it was annoying. poor Buddy, i always bug him when i get it my subconscious trying to say something (wink, wink)?

then we all trudged on the subway back home b/c we're all poor law students. and somehow i lost my student ID.

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