Monday, December 24

me i want a hula hoop

i'm back home in jersey (for some reason i keep wanting to say "dirty jerz"...someone must've been teasing me about it recently b/c i NEVER want to say that) for x'mas w/the fam.

you know, for all my bitching, i actually enjoy being home w/the fam. aside from the fam perks, being home's just relaxing. since there's really nothing to do, it just ends up being no pressure and completely thought-free. it's like a sabbatical from real life. plus, i usually get to see some old friends that i haven't seen in forever.

even tho i couldn't see O while he was home-it happened to be during exams and then he left on the 16th but we did have a deep deep conversation about why he hasn't settled down and how i'm so motherly about it-i did see O-Henry and that was much needed. we met up for dinner at Panevino, an italian place in livingston that i've only been to once. it's so typical nj how we ended up here. we were deciding where to meet up for dinner and both of us were pretty much "bleh" in deciding and then i ran down the usual list w/him: chili's, TGIF's, applebee's, outback, etc. and he was very decisively "no" about those options and then i could only suggest a smattering of asian restaurants before i pulled Panevino out of my butt. it's so atypical tho: when we were in high school the only places we ate at were those chain restaurants b/c we could afford them and they were located relatively equidistant from all of us. then we went to college and would come home for break and pick those same places for the same reasons or else go into the city. now we're adults and b/c we never travelled outside of those comfort zones before and are only home for short periods we have no other options. it's so weird. especially now that i live in NY where the options are pretty much endless and travel's so easy.

o and p.s.-how weird is it that i googled the restaurant to see if it had an official website to link to and found a blogger who had done a whole review of it and a picture that i could post? i just didn't expect it...

i got home on friday night, aftter spending the whole day completely hungover from the after-finals party at Galway Hooker (post complete w/pictures to come shortly-i promise). the next day i immediately set out to do all my x'mas shopping b/c i hate procrastinating on this stuff and i truly dislike the mall (although as a teen i loved it-i am getting SO old). so the whole family trudged off to Willowbrook Mall where i'm proud to say i did all my shopping w/in 4 hours. impressive no? fine, well i think it is.

aside from that just been doing the quality time w/the fam and sleeping a lot. altho i did go see Alvin and the Chipmunks today. i always watch childish movies w/my sister but in all honesty, it's only b/c w/her i can pretend like i'm not the 1 that wants to see it when i reality i totally am. the movie was adorable although nothing stellar but completely brought back memories of watching the cartoon show when i was younger.

ok, i just completely got distracted by the official movie website... i am a complete child
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