Tuesday, December 18

they raped me then made me their bitch

i mean the exams for Federal Income Taxation and Corporations of course...

had Tax on saturday morning. if i wasn't crying about the exam i would've thought what happened is funny or at least amusing. the reason i had the exam on saturday morning was because it conflicted with my Commercial Arbitration exam so it was rescheduled. about 2 days before the exam i got a confirmation about which room i was going to be in. i show up on saturday, sit down, get set up, and they give me the exam and it's multiple choice. i am beyond ecstatic. i mean, multiple choice? my life couldn't get any better. then i look at the top of the exam form. DEAN?! my prof's Polito! i go up to the proctor to advise her of the situation and she spends 15 mins telling me to just sit down and take the exam and it's all fed income tax exams so it doesn't make a difference etc. since i don't know exactly what to do i decide to sit down and just take the damn exam. luckily the proctor comes to her senses and checks w/the controller and they tell me to go to room 601 where my exam is being administered and sorry for the inconvenience. needless to say, when i finally get the right exam i'm ready to weep and just give up. no multiple choice and (for me) so tough and definitely not enough time. i walked out of that exam totally traumatized.

i had my Corporations exam the following monday (yippee! only a day and a half to prepare!). luckily She helped me study. i perused my 100-page outline and then we went over exam questions together and discussed various concepts for 4-5 hours before i went back to my place and slept for 2 hrs and then continued studying until the exam at 1 pm. i was feeling pretty confident in my knowledge of corps and ready to go. then i got the actual exam. 3 hours for the topics that were on the exam was definitely not enough time. she covered SO MUCH stuff. par value? corp opportunity doctrine? conflict of interest? self-interested transaction? SEC 14(a)? LLCs, LLPs, GPs, close-corps? take-overs? mergers? sigh...the list goes on and on. the exam was 3 hrs with 3 sections: 2 essay questions and 6 short-answers. the irony is that she alloted the whole exam to take 2 hrs and 50 mins. SHE ACTUALLY EXPECTED US TO FINISH IT WITH 10 MINUTES TO SPARE!! blech...i wrote down to the wire and am just crossing my fingers and hoping that everyone was as traumatized by the exam as i was.

so obviously i was irritated by all this. then i got home after my exam on monday and the cleaning lady the Bobsey Twins had ordered arrived. ok, here's the deal w/this situation: i got back from my exam on saturday and was advised by Tweedledum that they had ordered a cleaning lady and i was to pay $30. they ordered a cleaning lady w/o ever asking me. she would be coming to clean both bathrooms and the kitchen. i was pretty pissed at first. who would ever make a decision w/o consulting others particularly when it comes to money. but, i'm not a bitch and since Tweedledee had already paid for the service on her credit card i was willing to pony up this time. then i met the cleaning lady. she was 2 hrs late and brought no cleaning supplies w/her. what was sadder was she went to clean the Bobsey Twins' bathroom 1st and couldn't find any cleaning supplies and came out to ask them if they had anything like a scrub or brush or anything to clean w/. and they said "no." the implications from their "no" is ironic and funny and sad all at the same time. it begs the question: so what do you usually do? and the naturally inferred answer is: nothing. so the cleaning lady had to use the supplies from Wifey and my bathroom. and this is what i paid $30 (so cumulatively $120) for. argh... luckily Egg came and rescued me and we went to Joya for dinner while she was here b/c staying would've been like having to listen to someone rake their nails over a chalkboard for 4 hrs.

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