Wednesday, December 12

out of context

ok, 1 down and 3 to go. ironically the next 3 are going to fly by b/c they've basically been jam-packed into my schedule. i've got Federal Income Taxation on saturday morning, Corporations on Monday morning and Evidence on Thursday afternoon.

and i hate all these classes.

hmm...well that's a predicament huh? well, there's nothing i can do about it so i'll just keep trudging for now. the 1 exam i'm done w/is the only class i really liked this semester: Commercial Arbitration. aside from 1 of the professors being very dry, the content was straightforward but interesting. thinking of commercial litigation focus now, which coincidentally is what the Rock's doing in HK which i just found out a week ago (when i was communicating w/the outside world).

since finals started i've realized:
1. it's amazing how much ramen a single person can eat
2. how easily distracting the Internet and TV; literally 2 hrs fly by whenever i take a "break"
3. i can actually (relatively) function on 3 hrs of sleep
4. how pretty the sun rise can be
5. how awful the sun rise can be
6. the ability to accomplish nothing while simultaneously working all day

ok, now onto what this entry's really about. a while ago i introduced Puff (who had to be renicknamed at his request. who knew ppl actually care about their pseudonym?) to Adidas on a random weekday night when he came to the Heights for the 1st time for drinks. we headed to Brazen and i just watched these 2 and realized: why hadn't i ever introduced them before? they actually have a lot in common. aside from the obvious (chinese males) they both like to party a lot and always have completely reedonkulous stories when they get wasted. ok, so maybe that's not a lot in common, but trust me, they actually do have a lot in common it's just hard for me to explain (they're both very childish, hilarious, have extremely high standards when it comes to girls etc.).

Adidas and his gf just recently broke up (well not recently anymore) and we were discussing his inability to be single and his potential to prove the "pimp" status he's always bragging about (he always claims he's "so good-looking". if you were here you'd know i was rolling my eyes right now). although, Adidas has been putting in more of an effort. he actually gets dressed for school now. well, "gets dressed" means he puts on jeans and a t-shirt as opposed to the swishy pants and grey sweatshirt he used to wear to school everyday. Egg and i saw him last week and we were both commenting on how he cleans up nice...


Anonymous said...

soooooo... if everyone else has a secret nickname why is mine so obvious???? i dont know who half these people are but it is quite clear who I am!

Anonymous said...

although i think i know who adidas is.