Sunday, December 2

the 1st snowfall

it's snowing in NY! and i was actually awake to see it! of course it's because i've been sleeping at insane hours (basically vampire-like sleeping schedules) and now it's exams-time so i pretty much imagine being up virtually all the time now... regardless, it was nice to be up and see the 1st snowfall in the city (well ok, brooklyn, but let's not get technical).

it being my last wkd before disappearing into the dark, dank hell of reading period i decided to spend time w/some of my favorite ppl (tho i couldn't w/ALL my favorite ppl, after all i'm only 1 person). i had a mini-slumber party w/Bubby and Kiks at their apt in Astoria where we gorged out on fondue and tapenade, flourless chocolate cake and wine. i love doing that w/them b/c it reminds me of my Smithie days (it was an all girls school so every day was a slumber party). there were highs and lows to the night: we watched Spiderman 3 (low) and talked about going to Taipei for my spring break (very big high). i really really really hope that works out b/c i'm dying to go again. it's 1 of my favorite places in the world. anyone else interested in going? i'll totally go w/you...

next morning i got to see Bubby's dad who was visiting her from Albany. it's been a long long time since i've seen him but he's always fun and since he's a lawyer and successful too, definitely someone i aspire to be like so seeing him's like seeing a mentor-he helped me in deciding law schools, gave me a summer internship, wrote me a recommendation and was always there for advice. Kiks and i went to Costco which is always so addictive for me. i just can't help myself from buying stuff when i'm there. plus Kiks got to see 1st hand my "get out! shut up! no way!" shopping attitude which she also found hilarious. hmm...if only i could see myself doing it b/c everyone seems to find it so funny.

that night i also had a really fun pseudo-date w/1 of my favorite ppl. we went to Kenka and had a really late dinner. i always have a lot of fun w/him but this was 1 of our 1st times out together 1-on-1 (hence the term pseudo-date). i miss the days of being friends w/guys like i was w/O-Henry (once we became platonic-ish) and O. there's only 1 downside about dinner which was that our pseudo-date had to be a secret. it makes it really weird when i truly think about it. i mean, we're not doing anything. i mean, literally, nothing. we ate dinner and talked. is that really something that's got to be under wraps? ok, so yes we are a guy and a girl and yes, other ppl might not get it and those who don't might have their suspicions, but for me it's always been a "who cares" view about all that. people are always gonna talk regardless of what you do, but when you start keeping things secret, you make yourself look suspicious right? o well...maybe i'm just overthinking it and it's his choice plus since we're not anything romantic i'm not gonna make a fuss-but if we were that would be very bad

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