Tuesday, November 20

finally, a quiet weekend

a new event that APALSA did under our e-board was the Scav-evanger hunt (named thusly for Co-Chair). since this was a while ago, i can't remember what i did the night before, but i do remember being super hung-over the next morning, but i still dragged my ass out of bed and went to school to meet up w/the crew for a scavenger hunt around Brooklyn Heights, which encompassed DUMBO, Carrol Gardens and Boerum Hill. Co-Chair and i didn't partake of the actual hunt since Co-Chair wrote the clues and i was too un-functional to make the effort. instead we got the snacks and lemonade for the guys for when they finished the hunt.

the clues were pretty creative tho, and definitely opened up the area and introduced some new places. here's some of them:

1. Find the special of the day at Noodle Pudding-38 Henry Street
2. Take a picture of yourself on line at Grimaldi's-19 Old Fulton Street
3. Name the fruity street names in the neighborhood
4. Landmarks: Jane's Carousel-56 Water Street
Norman Mailer's place-142 Columbia Heights
Birthplace of AA-182 Clinton Street
62 Montague Street-where Arthur Miller (author of Death of a Salesman) lived w/Marilyn Monroe
5. Find the highest score on Pac-Man at Tea Lounge-254 Court Street
6. What's inside a "dark and stormy"?

after the scavenger hunt Egg, Brantley, Ol' S and Wifey met me for brunch at Lobo which completely hit the spot. it was all in celebration of Egg's bday which was that weekend. o yea! that's it! me and Oni had gone out the night before and made a stop at Sin Sin for Egg before heading over to the Park to meet her ex! wow...i'm impressed i remembered that. hmm, why was i so hungover the next day? o yea, it was those Petron shots...blech.

back to the Mexican brunch. Brantley got a delicious and huge burger instead of traditional brunch fare. it was so cute b/c she was so specific in getting the perfect cheeseburger w/fried egg. we were all like seagulls circling around her french fries which were just the way i like them (crispy crispy crispy). the meal i was most envious of was the Tulsa: jalapeno cheese grits w/2 eggs and tortillas, which Egg was smart enough to get. those grits were so delicious. i got the huevos rancheros which were good, but ended up not being so smart for my sensitive tummy and i wasn't the biggest fan of the sauce they used. Wifey and Ol' S got the Migas which was also really good from what i tasted.

Wifey, being the korean she is, had to go for both tabasco sauces: the red and the green chile kind. she quickly learned how spicy the green one can be. it was hilarious to see her, the korean spicy queen, admit defeat from a hot sauce. she was just about tearing at 1 point and had to gulp down rice and water.

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