Thursday, November 15


being a new member of the APALSA e-board, we decided to do a group bonding activity by going to karaoke in ktown. it was conveniently named after Haeya so the event became nicknamed Haeyaoke (how ingenious). aside from the e-board we took the new 1L reps out too so we could maximize the whole bonding experience.

once again we went to Toto (take a lucky guess as to who recommended that). the event was pretty fun overall. i got to see Haeya turn into mean korean girl which was hilarious. Co-Chair sang the 1st song and when he finished his score popped up on the screen which surprised everyone in the room (except for me)and as most of us weren't korean we didn't know what it said so Co-Chair announced authoritatively that "it's definitely not a score" which just brought out the mean korean girl in Haeya where she read the korean on the screen in a very severe tone and ended it by calling Co-Chair "stupid" even more severely. and prior to this incident, we'd gone to Woorijip to pick up booze and the guy behind the register was giving her a hard time about how the drinks were getting paid for (we had a lot, but we were 12 ppl)and she just turned into severe korean girl in front of our eyes. it was awesome.

i also got to see Prez sing what has now turned into his trademark song (Burn by Usher). everyone's jaw just about fell to the ground when he started singing b/c he sings well, but i wasn't surprised since he'd already told me he sang in choir and was in a band in college. Co-Chair and i danced to A Whole New World (i believe) in front of everyone which would usually mortify me but it was late enough in the night where other MORE embarassing stuff had happened w/other ppl so i wasn't worried.

Wifey was completely out of hand tho. she had brought her own bottle of vodka and was plugging away at it slowly and just got completely belligerent. she slowly but surely receded into the corners of the sofa and was pretty quiet for the night until she drunkenly professed her love for me and lamented our current roommate situation. when we finally checked out, Wifey was in her grumpy belligerent drunk phase and was clamoring for food so most of the e-board went back to brooklyn while Adidas (who was also wasted), Prez, Wifey and i went over to Kunjip. i was pretty thankful for Prez's presence or else i would've had my hands full w/very drunk Adidas and Wifey-1 was professing his love/infatuation for an e-board member and the the other was randomly snapping out of quiet drunken stupors to tell us how ridiculous we were.

at 1 pt during dinner Wifey ended up burning her wrist on the hot pot that contains the steamed egg banchan (so yummy). we were all aware when this happened. but about 30 mins later, i looked up from my food and watched as Wifey accused Prez of having burned her and thrusting her wrist in his face. the next morning she gchatted me about how she couldn't remember anything but had found the front of her sweater completely dirty from the food (i'm not sure WHEN that happened) and how she'd somehow randomly burned herself and how much it hurt.

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