Saturday, November 10

the death of a Legend

in my plague-recuperation days i took the opportunity to have a nice quiet dinner w/Egg and Brantley after a night out of heavy drinking. we ended up going to Chip Shop, which i'm ashamed to say i had never been to until that night. o the things i've missed...

while the food's a definite throwback to the cuisine of the UK, the inside's much nicer than any chip shop i was ever in while studying abroad. the price is fair altho i'm pretty sure anyone from the UK would never think about paying that much for food from a typical English chip shop. but like i said, this place is a little different.

i was too hungover to drink beer so i just chugged cokes (my favorite post-drinking drink). Egg ended up getting mac and cheese (served w/a side of peas), i opted for the chicken curry (which they serve OVER the french fries). the curry was more of that tomato-ey sweet kind but it wasn't bad and putting it ON TOP of the fries was innovative and unexpected, although it made me wish i had gotten mashed potatoes instead (ghetto curry shepherd's pie anyone?). i was tempted to order dessert but i hadn't finished my meal and like any good little kid i couldn't justify it (plus i was feeling like a fatty).

stuffed from our meal, we all headed back to Brantley's to watch a movie and wait w/her until her parents and brother arrived. after rock, paper, scissor-ing it out we opted to watch Legend, which we all gushed about how we had such fond memories of it as kids. what kid wouldn't love a movie about unicorns and elves and magic? and for little girls, there's also the love story between the princess and the handsome boy.
hmmm....our memories must be more shoddy than we realized or else we all had warped perceptions of what was good back then. sigh just goes to show some things shouldn't be revisited.

we had enough time so we also watched Hard Candy, which i had heard about and Egg was dying to see. pretty interesting and nice twist at the end (love those). the movie definitely had me guessing the whole time exactly how it would end. where do you go w/a single situation of a girl tricking a pedophile to take her to his place and she keeps him tied up pretty much the whole movie? however, the direction of the plot definitely twisted and turned to keep you guessing. i wonder if many pedophiles went to see this movie w/a "what if" mindset.

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