Tuesday, November 27

why is God trying to kill me?

why is it that w/o fail whenever something important/that i want to do comes up i will inevitably get deathly ill aka the plague?

last year i got sick right before exams. it was a complete nightmare and at 1 pt i was literally crying b/c i was so ill it was to the pt i just wished i was dead. of course it didn't help that i was dating Gohm at the time and whenever i whined to him about being sick he refused to coddle me (plus he was always going out w/his friends while i was on my deathbed which is like taunting a starving man by eating a giant steak in front of him).

this year i got sick right before the inter-APALSA mixer that i'd coordinated. it was the 1st time that BLS APALSA had officially coordinated a NYC APALSA event w/all the NYC law schools: Columbia, NYU Law, St. Johns, Cardozo, Fordham Law, Hofstra and New York Law. the event was hosted at Town Tavern and me and Co-Chair hyped it up b/c we wanted BLS to represent itself. then i got the plague.

i was home w/a fever, body aches, and coughing up a lung. it was completely miserable. so of course i couldn't attend the event. i did hear that BLS APALSA came out in full force and everyone seemed to have a good time. i even heard Wifey come home around 1 am which means it must've been ok b/c considering Adidas and i didn't go if it'd sucked she would've bailed after an hour.

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