Wednesday, November 7

real friends

for a while, right before i got the plague, i was taking some time off from the lifestyle of "living in the city" and being in your 20s. i was just getting too broke, too tired, too stressed out (from school and drama) and just all around burnt out. so i hibernated for a while and took some time off from anything too festive, just doing work, relaxing and (if i could be bothered) going out around brooklyn.

this always happens to me every once in a while. life's so circular sometimes. after a long run of constant outings w/large groups of ppl, everything tends to get a little monotonous. drinking. tables. late night food (recently it's always been ktown). cabs home. and it's always the same ppl. and i can almost guarantee that 1 of the ppl calling me on friday or saturday night is someone i haven't talked to all week (or the last 2 wks) aside from a random IM or gchat during the week that essentially asks how the other's doing. aside from going out together to someone's birthday party (how is it ALWAYS someone's birthday on the weekends? and do i really know that many ppl? i don't think so) these aren't always ppl i have a quiet dinner or drink w/, go watch a movie w/, invite over just to chat, meet for coffee. don't get me wrong, sometimes they are. even when i go out more often than not there's at least 1 person there who's been through it w/me and done all those things i just listed. when i take these sabbaticals from socializing it tends to be b/c i'm starting to go out just to go out. and then i tend to be w/ppl who are really just looking to add more body counts to whatever event they're going to just to be that person who knows at least 30 ppl in the party.

excuse me, i just dry-heaved at the thought of those ppl.

but never fear, i did eventually de-funk and went to Spoon's birthday party at Naked Lunch. every time i go here it's mad crowded but the DJ is so cute. Spoon and i have really known each other since high school but we attended middle school together too (different cliques, you know how the suburbs are). regardless, we've stayed friends and she definitely fits into my keeper category. she can definitely be a handful sometimes (when she makes her mind up to go buck, all hell breaks lose and i've definitely had my indiscretions on outings w/her) but she's also there for the quiet stuff too, it also helps i haven't had to be too vigilant about watching her when we go out together cause she can take care of herself. Kiks (another keeper from college) and i met at the bar-as always i was running late and got lost. all named streets are my kryptonite when it comes to sense of direction-and stayed for a few drinks before i met the Twins at Park which i appreciate for the ease of getting in (being female and all) and the calmness of the downstairs juxtaposed w/the dance floor upstairs. Oni and Yuka met me there w/some boys they'd picked up and we all danced and lost each other multiple times over the night.

and of course we ended up in ktown eating. and the cycle starts again?

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