Saturday, November 3

damn those ILS drink specials

ILS recently had an event at Maz Mezcal in Brooklyn w/an amazing drink special of $3 margaritas and beers. it was just too good of a special to pass up so of course i had to go. Brantley had already gone ahead of me (if i have trouble resisting drink specials i love that she has it prob 3X more) so it was good that i had someone to meet.

i was double fisting at Maz Mezcal; only b/c they were so slow about getting the drinks and i was dealing w/a time constraint. i def learned a few new gossip items abouut my fellow BLSers from attending a school function. afterwards everybody headed to Brazen Head for the after party. i swear, only a few drinks in and i was wasted. DRC was busy macking it 1st to Kinky and then to Berg Jr. Jr. which i loved. luckily for me, Brantley was craving some food and we headed towards Carroll Gardens Diner. others got pancakes and eggs whereas the jersey girl in me screamed for disco fries (fries w/mozzarella and gravy).

i'm pretty sure the disco fries saved me from a night a yuking. god bless nj for teaching girls how to avoid the super hangover and hug-the-toilet vomiting.

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