Saturday, November 24


spotted: Lance Bass lounge at a comfy table at One.

haha, ok, that was just the Gossip Girl in me coming out. actually Stitch and i spotted him while we were there waiting for Tina's bday party crew to show up and start. me and her were chilling near what-we-thought-would-be-our-table when Lance's crew walked by me. i had my glasses off (i always feel dorky wearing them in those trendy places. i admit its weird vanity considering what i wear walking around BLS) which meant i gave the impression that i was staring intently at everybody that i might think was cute since i actually couldn't see them clearly unless they were w/in 3 feet of me. when Lance walked by, i looked like the ultimate uncool fan/stalker. i involuntarily did a double-take then kept staring and squinting at him due to my lack of glasses, before finally putting them on and staring some more, then making Stitch look, then both of us looking together, then erupting into giggles after she texted her friend, Just Jared and referencing Gossip Girl (which we both shame-facedly admitted to watching).

prior to One Stitch and i met up for dinner at Nooch, Japanese/Thai restaurant. actually enjoyed the food although i had to stick to an udon soup b/c i was still recovering from the plague. Stitch was ambitious and ordered soft-shell crab as an entree which was just all crab. she didn't finish but it looked good.

the party ended up being shifted next door to Plunge at Hotel Gansevoort because One refused to let most of the party in claiming a lame 3:1 girl to guy ratio requirement. this on top of the fact that Chow, Minchul and Oppa were all purchasing bottles for a table. that's whack. so instead we headed over to Plunge which was easy for us to get into but poor Casper, who was meeting me there, had so much trouble. Plunge has got this crazy system in which in order to get more ppl in the waitress has to tell her manager if you've purchased more bottles to warrant more ppl and if so, the manager will tell the bouncer downstairs who will then allow you to enter to take the elevator to the penthouse. sigh... sometimes i can't believe how reedonkulous NYC lounges are.

i eventually left and, in my insanity, went over to Sing Sing on st. marks for BST's bday afterparty. Chipmunk later met me there (w/my BLS ID which had somehow fallen out of my purse-my hero...) and we all sang a bunch before finally heading home to brooklyn.

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