Thursday, September 20


i'm sure you've heard all the hype already, but i just wanted to re-affirm for everyone that they should go and see Superbad. while i was home for Labor Day weekend, Debs called me up and asked me to go so we caught a 9 pm showing. aside from the hilarity of McLovin and the scenarios that ensue in a typical high school teen comedy (they go through hilarious hijinx in order to obtain alcohol for a party and ultimately reaffirm their friendship for each other) it's definitely the relatable little things that made me actually like this movie. Michael Cera (Evan) is the quintessential version of Debs' inner monologue which is also what made it hilarious. like whenever Evan would talk to a girl he'd always have this highpitched "hIIIIIII" or "byEEEEEE" which (if you know Debs) you know that's exactly what goes through her mind when she's talking to a cute boy she likes.

however, 1 word of caution. regardless of how funny this movie looks based on the PG-13 trailer, this movie's rated R for a reason. Debs and i made the mistake of taking my little sister and my 2 cousins to go see this movie (the 2 girls are in freshman high school while the boy's a sophomore in college). i felt like i was corrupting and traumatizing my sister and my girl cousin (and i really like my girl cousin was traumatized). the movie's just really raunchy and refers a lot to "fellaysh" and "vag-tastic voyage" if you get my drift. so just be pre-warned if you're gonna take any youg'ns.

also while i was home, i finally got to play Nintendo Wii. and i love it. i boxed, golfed, played tennis, bowled and even made recipes. so fun. except my arms and shoulders hurt the next morning. does that make me completely out of shape?

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