Tuesday, September 11

happy birthday Snoopy!

on a previous saturday, Snoopy was hosting a birthday party at Katra so i decided to go and check it out. i actually like Katra. yes it's a hookah bar. yes it's a lounge. but it plays good music and i pretty much always have fun there. i got a call from Oppa saying he would be going to BLVD for a co-worker's girlfriend's party (just repeat that twice and the relationship will click, i swear). Oni wanted to go dancing and had invited the Twins so we told the Twins to meet us at BLVD around 11 pm, figuring there might be a line and also that way i could leave to go to Snoopy's birthday after. so Oni and i head towards the F train while simultaneously frantically calling Coors who tells us she'll meet us at the subway stop from Henry Street. and then 30 mins go by. at this point Chipmunk's already called to tell me he's at BLVD and at the same time Oppa's texted me to let me know that BLVD's completely dead and they're moving to Katra instead.

when Coors finally showed up we found out it had taken so long b/c Coors had randomly broken her foot. ok, not really, but she had randomly developed this bruise-looking-thing on 1 of her toes although she didn't think she had banged it on anything. in retrospect i probably should've been more concerned about her injury (who knows? it could've been some poisonous spider bite or a sign of a serious internal infection) but i just pulled us into a cab and told him to take us to BLVD b/c i felt bad for the Twins who had been waiting at a dead BLVD for at least 30 mins. i'm not usually a cab person (b/c i'm so cheap, not b/c i don't want to) but you'll always know that you matter if i bothered to take a cab when i was running late.

we got to BLVD and finally met up w/the Twins who were pretty amicable about having to wait for us in a totally dead venue that was blasting dance music. we moved over to Katra which is luckily right next door. the doorman had already warned me that Snoopy was "looking sharp" and when i got downstairs i could see him right away b/c he was wearing a purple velvet suit. but hey, he's tall and skinny so he pulled it off. i've probably known Snoopy for about 8 years through Loveboat (no...not b/c i did it but b/c he met Cousin and i met him through her). we chatted and i introduced him to the crew and then i headed upstairs to find Oppa.

i gotta admit, it was so convenient to have Oppa and Snoopy attending the same venue but for diff events. very killing 2 birds w/1 stone. Oppa and his friends had gotten a table, bottle and hookah. the tobacco for the hookah was mango which was nice but the quality was so rough. i took 1 drag and then just stuck w/the vodka cranberries. Oppa and Oni seemed to hit it off (sort of) which set off its own mini-drama w/Chipmunk. i tried to stay out of it by hanging w/Casper and Coors and befriending new ppl like Sarah (who ironically was also there for Snoopy's birthday but knows Oppa through Boys Club. god, the world just keeps getting smaller and smaller). later Migs (who i always run into randomly) showed up so Oppa extracted himself from Oni and eventually went home.

me and the crew went home and played 4 am Taboo like dorks (Casper and i would make such a good team).


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

just came across your blog by accident and read that you are a recent law school graduate in manhattan - working in a private firm. I'm a law school graduate aswell in the UK, just wondering how u managed to find the job in your law firm - did you know someone working there? I'm struggling to find a job, don't know what to do in the meantime.

tma said...

sorry it took me a little to respond to you but there's been a lot going on!

i definitely feel your pain about struggling to find a job. i wish i had an easy answer to your question, but honestly, i found my job(s) through constant plugging away on the computer submitting resumes and applications everyday until i got responses. i didn't know anyone or get a hookup.

have heart and patience! it'll happen i promise! good luck!