Sunday, September 9

pseudo-date w/the Pres

on friday night i got to take it easy by checking out Stitch's friend's show, the Ahh Sum Band, at under_score on the UES. since i was recovering from the thursday night before, i appreciated Pres' offer to drive from brooklyn (Pres and Stitch know each other from BU. cue the it's a small world theme music). whenever i get to ride around in a car in manhattan, i really love it, up to the point when we have to look for parking. then i hate it. regardless, met w/Pres and got to check out his new apt on Smith St. (nice, understated, a little cramped. loft bed? i had to make fun of him for that). we made good time on the FDR and got to the show relatively on time. i actually really liked the music, the venue was very chill (and chilly), and the lead singer was hilarious. he had the tightest pants i'd ever seen (Stitch and i had a running bet whether her skinny jeans were skinnier than his) and the best rock hair that he shook around like a lion's mane for dramatic effect. such a rock band lead singer archetype.

afterwards Pres and i went to dinner at Dakshin for indian food since neither of us had eaten dinner. and so i got to know Pres a little better. we talked about past relationships and current affairs, weird dreams we have when we sleep, falling out of bed, etc. you know, all that getting-to-know-you-but-we-can-talk-bout-anything stuff (so the anti-thesis of Institution it's not even funny). afterwards we bounced to Stir and Sin Sin (after getting the wrong directions from Stitch and wandering up and down 2nd Ave, 5th Street and 4th Street) before just calling it a night and heading back to brooklyn. we hit traffic on the way back b/c Pres wanted to swing by the WTC site to see the lights (or did he just want to spend more time w/me in the car? wink, wink).

it was while out w/Pres that i realized how long it's been since i've been able to just comfortably and platonically hang out w/a guy 1-on-1. Egg doesn't really count b/c we just hang out at each other's apts and we're neighbors but we always go out w/groups. Gohm and i were obviously a couple so that also doesn't count. i can only think of Hen as the last friend i hung out comfortably 1-on-1. good thing i'm going to see him this weekend. it'll be super refreshing and nostalgic.

i totally freaked Pres out tho when he dropped me off. i turned to him and said: "this is one of the best pseudo-dates i've been on"

he replied with: "wh-wh-wh-what? um, um, um...wh-who? h-h-hu-hu-huh? y-y-y-yo-you m-m-mean ever?"

i burst out laughing and told him to calm down, i knew it wasn't a date. but Pres did look pretty scared for that moment.

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