Sunday, September 23

Tequila is my kryptonite

near the start of school (which now feels like AGES ago even tho it's not even the end of september yet), AABANY hosted their welcome-back-to-school event at Slate and as an APALSA eboard member, i felt compelled to go. plus there were free drink tickets and free food.
Adidas and i headed over together, worried that 1Ls would show up and not recognize anyone but we were worried over nothing b/c no 1Ls showed up. bastards. Chipmunk met us there and we all started playing pool, eating food and just generally having a good time. Oni and Husband showed up later along w/Prez, all some of my favorite ppl. we also met a very pretty half-German, half-Korean waitress named Sharon so it was an overall good time and nobody wanted to stop when the event was over.

so we went to ktown. what were we thinking?

i convinced everyone to go to Players instead of Third Floor since i like the anju that Players gives us and it's not as crowded but they still play good music. i was all ready to get the Johnnie Walker/Ballantine bottle deal but the Prez and Husband (both koreans) wanted the Patron Silver deal. and i totally caved. that's what happens when you date a korean guy for a year. you just compromise a lot instead of butting heads. i definitely didn't take many of those shots but at the end of the night Oni and Adidas were rocked and i was harboring a very strong buzz. we meandered over to Kunjip afterwards and ate some food and drank some more baek saeju and then all headed home. since we were 4+1 and the cabbie was giving us trouble bout it, i just hopped out and got my own cab.
on the way home i realized i was pretty damn rocked myself and promptly threw up when i got home.

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