Friday, September 21


ok, so technically i'm already behind on what i should be posting but i just saw this on Facebook and was DYING w/hilarity so i'm gonna share it w/you all:

burninGHoTSauce (1:15:27 PM): were gonna throw a party at ur house tomm
RequestNYC (1:13:45 PM): whos throwing it?
burninGHoTSauce (1:15:39 PM): me
RequestNYC (1:13:54 PM): nice, any girls?
burninGHoTSauce (1:15:46 PM): no
RequestNYC (1:13:58 PM): oh
RequestNYC (1:13:59 PM): then no
burninGHoTSauce (1:15:52 PM): ok fine
burninGHoTSauce (1:15:55 PM): ill bring my cousin
RequestNYC (1:14:07 PM): no
burninGHoTSauce (1:16:00 PM): ...
RequestNYC (1:14:22 PM): since shes your cousin
RequestNYC (1:14:25 PM): untouchable
burninGHoTSauce (1:16:34 PM): i wouldnt say the same thing about ur sister
RequestNYC (1:14:50 PM): oh you bastard

what makes it even funnier is the fact that (since i know them) i can easily picture and hear them having this conversation in person. of course, all proprietary rights will go to the ppl involved in this convo and should they find out i posted it here they may get a little shhhhh

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