Wednesday, September 12

minority mixer

one of the best events (and the initial reason i joined) of APALSA is the Minority Mixer. they started this tradition last year, where all the minority student organizations host a single event sponsored by Sullivan & Cromwell featuring food and open bar for 2 hours. it's also strategically offered at the beginning of the school year so that 1Ls haven't become jaded about going to all BLS events and are still wanting to meet new people and make new friends.

this year the event was at Apt 138. being older and wiser as a 2L, i didn't pay too much attention to the food and just focused on the open bar (after all, time was limited). but, as an e-board representative for APALSA, i did attempt to meet 1Ls. i made an initial sweep of the room looking for those obvious 1L characteristics (unsure demeanor, eyes darting from person to person desperately searching for someone they know/looks open and nice, and clumped together in an unmovable group). i did meet 1 group and chatted them up, extolling the virtues of APALSA to them. then i ran out of wine. so i excused myself and went to the bar. it was pretty much downhill from then. i never left my spot at the bar, although i did maneuver around the bar to various positions. Oni was WASTED and Husband was taking care of her. Coors showed up w/yummy chicken fingers. Adidas was milling around and meeting people while talking w/Wifey. then i chatted w/Co-Chair about upcoming APALSA social events and etc. this was all fine and dandy but then Institution chatted me up and it was all over.

once open bar was over and Apt 138 wanted to kick us out, the whole group shifted over to Trout. at this point APALSA was out-of-hand. and of course Trout was doing their shot-of-Jack-and-a-PBR-for-$5 deal so shots were flying all over the place. i found out that Prez (spelled w/a "z" now at Prez's request) is always the designated-walker-homer (he's always escorting ppl home) and he walked Oni and Wifey back to Feil. Oni's such a korean princess b/c she demanded that Prez walk her to her apt door even tho she only lives on the 4th floor. and Prez being Prez complied.
eventually everyone decided they wanted to go sing karaoke in Red Hook (how many times has karaoke been an option in the past month? weird...) but Institution was the voice of reason that Red Hook was just too far (ok, technically it's not, but when everyone's drunk enough to want to take a cab there it sure seems far). instead, we had another drink at Gravy where i picked up Russian girls while waiting in line for the bathroom (1 of which was having a birthday) before we went for food at a nearby diner. since i was the lone chinese girl amongst 3 korean guys, i busted out all the korean i knew and was adopted as an honorary korean by some of the toughest critics at BLS. i feel so proud...while also having a mini-identity crisis.

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