Sunday, September 2

more surreality-is that a word?

the 1st time i'd ever hung out w/Chipmunk was the night after Jones Beach. i actually mistook him for Casper initially. we all traveled to meet Pal at Delancey but Stitch had multiple friends coming so we were all arriving at separate times. i'd figured that Stitch would be coming w/Pan who was out to dinner but Stitch, adorable that she is, had rushed over b/c she thought i would be waiting there alone. of course, instead i was running late (damn traffic on the brooklyn bridge and that damn motorcycle parade going on on houston). i kept getting these hilarious calls from Stitch like, "where are you? it's scary here..." or "are you here yet? please?". it was funny but i also told the cabbie to step on it asap.

once we all congregrated in front of Delancey i got a call from Pal saying she was at Boss Tweeds instead b/c a private party had booked the entire rooftop for Delancey. so we walked around the corner to Boss Tweeds instead. it was kind of surreal to have Stitch and Um at such a BAR-bar w/me b/c the only times we've hung out were always nice lounges or places requiring bottle service. Um adapted pretty quickly tho once he found out how cheap drinks were. alas it wasn't meant to be and we headed over to Hotel on Rivington instead. Pinky and his crew met us there and i was already reeling from the sheer amount of people i'd amassed when i run into Tina and Meegs as well. that was a total coincidence but still... i was pretty much on random gathering overload at that point.
between saying hello to everyone and sneaking into the coded-guarded-keypad VIP section adjoining the main lounge the night was completely insane. eventually went w/Pinky to White Rabbit where they knew the bartender and got a free drink which i could barely finish at that point and then Pinky's friend hailed me a cab and i headed back to Brooklyn just as the sun was peeking out.

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