Thursday, August 30

Kenka for a 1st date?

Egg and i went shopping for a new laptop for him at Best Buy in Soho before school started. he got this amazing deal on this amazing laptop (i was so jealous that i was stuck w/this's totally started to weird out on me and i'm just hoping Egg will help me fix it somehow). since i was just gonna get jealous of Egg's deal anyway, i decided to wander around and look at all the cool stuff i couldn't afford. and that new Apple desktop? the one w/the amazing screen and the hardware just built into it so there's no tower? well i'm sure if you go to that Best Buy and the floor model's still there you'll see that trail of drool i left where i'd salivated over the whole thing. it's too hot for words.

after we'd made the purchase we called Oni to check on how her date was going. she'd gone on a date w/1 of the speed dating prospects and had asked us to be her out in case it was awful. she didn't pick up the phone and we weren't sure if that meant everything was good/bad so we decided to go to Kenka for dinner and give her a chance to call us while we were still out.

i couldn't have planned a better coincidence b/c once we walked in who did we see but Oni? so we stopped and said hello and the 1st thing she whispers in my ear when she hugs me is, "help me". Egg and i got seated and since there was empty space near us i went over to Oni and her date and asked if they wanted to join us but Oni's too nice to do that. so she toughed it out while Egg and i enjoyed our own dinner. we went all crazy this time: edamame, cold shabu shabu (waitress recommended. pretty interesting and the pork was very tender), wasabi squid sashimi and fried rice w/ketchup. and plenty of $1.50 beers! when Oni finished her date she came and sat w/us and then filled us in on her horrendous date.

w debated about whether Kenka is an appropriate 1st date place. Egg thinks it's the perfect barometer b/c any girl who doesn't like Kenka just isn't for him anyways. but Oni and i agreed that it's too loud and the meal's too quick to really get to know somebody else, especially if you don't really know them at all. but i also agree that eventually whoever i do date's gotta totally love Kenka too. maybe it's more of a 2nd/3rd date kind of place...

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