Thursday, January 17

Halal Heaven

there are certain people who read this blog who are definitely no longer a part of my life, by their own volition. whether it's a childhood girl friend i had a falling out w/, an ex-boyfriend, or the ex-girlfriend of a close friend, i'm just completely baffled why they bother to read this at all when they don't care enough to be in my life or be my friend (in the case of the ex-girlfriend of a close friend i know she only reads this b/c she's trying to find out what's going on in her ex-boyfriend/my friend's life, so that makes sense, altho it's a little stalker-y). i mean, these are active cutters here, ppl who made an active choice to cut me out, so why do you care to even read the contents of this blog? friends i understand (hi guys!) but frenemies (i know, that term's suppposed to be used for ppl who are "technically" friends but do bad stuff to you, but i'm changing it to mean ppl you were once friends w/but no longer are)? are you reading this to see if i died (tho the mechanics of being able to write that would be an existential question); or maybe to see if i got fat? or to see pics of something bad befalling me? b/c let me just save you the trouble, obviously, since it's my blog, you won't be seeing any of that (except maybe the fat part, but if i stopped posting pictures then ha!).
ok that's the end of my rant. it was just bugging me.

met up w/Egg to have brunch at Lobo which is rapidly becoming my favorite brunch spot aside from Bar Tabac. it's perfect for when i'm super-hungry and in the mood for something flavorful since it's mexican brunch. Egg got the Huevoes Rancheros (which, based on my last entry about Lobo, is not my favorite, something about the sauce, or b/c i was so hungover that day) and i got his Jalapeno Grits and Eggs. i just realized we essentially reversed orders since out last brunch at Lobo together. what a coinkee-dink. the person who was smart tho was She who ordered a chalupa? chimichanga? aish, i can't remember. but it was GINORMOUS. and delicious w/all my favorite elements of mexican food: rice, check; tomatoes, check; sour cream, check; guacamole, check; pollo, check; cheese, check; salsa, check. YEA!!!

after that monster of a meal i putted around and did work before getting ready to go to Rewind for VicePrez's birthday party. lucky for me, i'd called Prez before to see if he was going and he offered to drive me which was much needed b/c i was still recovering from the mini-plague. i'd called Snoopy and Oppa to meet me there and then arrived late. how typical. i swear, my timing since moving to NY has really been thrown off. i used to be so punctual.

it was interesting travelling btwn BLS friends, Oppa and his friends and Snoopy and his friends. i guess the venue and event wasn't so conducive to everybody meshing b/c they didn't really mesh at all, although that can happen when ppl meet but have their own posse to hang out w/. regardless, had a great time dancing and drinking (i was so korean, i drank Scotch on the rocks b/c of my cough) and hanging w/everyone. i was the hostess-with-the-mostest. ok, that's not really true, i just wanted to use the term. i also got to see Mentee at the party and she was all dressed up, looking fine and getting her swerve on! girl has wild child buried in her that gets hidden under the layers of BLS stress. at 1 point i was dancing sandwiched between Buddy and Prez and i could swear i looked over and saw Oppa shaking his head in a "what is my tongsen doing" way.
Prez wanted to go to the famous halal cart on 53rd and 6th afterwards for food so i said "bye" to Oppa and Snoopy and VicePrez and we all piled into the car. after having the typical 2:30 am conversations in the car, we got to the cart and waited in line. i admit, i've never been to the 53rd and 6th halal cart. my bad. i know it's a NYC institution. and this may be blasphemous but i thought it was just ok. i mean, for 3 am it's delicious but in general? eh. i know, i'm such a heretic.

i did realize that night tho, that some ppl just walk in the light. just as i got to the front of the line, i look over to my left and who do i see but Oppa? i'm totally schocked and say "hi" and he says how perfect this is b/c he'd been looking to try and cut someone on line and here i was at the front. essentially he didn't have to wait on line for food. why is it that i'm always the "waiter" while ppl like Oppa seem to always be the "cutter"? some ppl just walk in the light i guess...

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