Sunday, January 6

dinner w/my mentee

after what i saw last night, i figure i better write about the quiet and endearing dinner i had w/my mentee before i write a post about my observations from last night's birthday party at Rewind.

APALSA has a tradition of assigning mentors to 1Ls who join the student org. it's a great way to meet new ppl who aren't 1Ls and to have someone to ask questions to and help guide you along the way. sometimes they work out great, as w/me and Unnie who are friends beyond the mentor-mentee relationship. then there's relationships like Wifey and Presidente. it's very hit or miss.

i picked my mentee b/c of Buddy and since we both speak mandarin which i love since i never get to practice. but, w/being on e-board this year and working for half of 1st semester and school i wasn't doing a good job of meeting up w/Mentee. finally we got our act together and met for dinner. we ended up walking along Smith Street and since she'd studied abroad in France we passed 1 of the many french bistros and decided to stop in for food at Provence en Boite. it wasn't that packed and had a very adorable and neighborhood bistro feel to it w/the small wooden tables and rustic decor. the menu was pretty limited in choices but covered the basics for a dinner menu and everything had a definite french flavor or flair. Mentee ended up getting the rabbit and polenta whereas i stuck w/steak frites (what?! i like fries and steak ok?). anyways, the food was really good altho nothing spectacular but the whole point was really to chat w/Mentee. i get the impression she doesn't really need me to guide her, she's motivated and obviously intelligent (she did go to an all-girls college like moi, albeit Wellesley and not Smith). i answered a few of her questions and just shared a little bit of what i've learned since my 1L year and then we spent the rest of the time chatting in mandarin. yea! i love the practice.

the next task will be to get me, her, Snoopy and KimChi out for dim sum together. altho Snoopy speaks Cantonese not mandarin so maybe i won't ask him. but then again he lives so close to Jing Fong....

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