Wednesday, January 23

no stop it! the tears...

SBA did a free ice-skating event last week at Prospect Park and it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. i mean, free? like free, free? i'm there. although it had started to drizzle which then turned to flaky snow, which in turn made my hair go crazy, it was totally worth it to go.

i totally suck at ice skating but every time i go have visions of turning into a Dorothy Hamill-ish skater. it never happens. luckily for me Co-Chair was there and he was willing to go through the agonizing event of teaching me how to ice-skate again (the last time i was on ice-skates it was probably over 2 years ago). as Co-Chair hovered beside me as i unsteadily wobbled along, it occurred to me how not learning to ice-skate could end up being a perfect 1st date should such an occassion arise. Co-Chair had to hold my hand as i wobbled along and i suddenly felt like i was in a cheesy 80's movie w/the flaky snow falling all around us. altho i did sort of ruin the whole montage w/my random yelps and shrieks whenever i thought i might fall. and moving along slower than a snail's pace isn't very cute either. but yea, this not knowing how to ice-skate could really be advantageous if i should ever go on a ice-skating date. or date a hockey player.

after skating, DRC and i went back to my place so i could do something about my wet-dog looking 'do before heading over to Camp for Wifey's bday. i decided to just forgo the high maintenance 'do and just pull it up into a ponytail but there's still the problem of the bangs so i just clipped them up in an attempt to pull off that buoffant hairdo that all the girls like wearing right now. instead i got told by Egg i looked like i belonged in a 50's music video, very Weezer's Buddy Holly era.

we had a couple of glasses of wine at my place before going out where i had a few Jack and Cokes while we played Scrabble and, apparently, Wifey was getting rocked. i guess ppl did the obligatory bday shots for her and she was drunk off her ass. she later told me she pretty much blacked out the rest of the night. after playing my Scrabble game i've come to hate that stupid Scrabulous application on Facebook b/c Adidas kept using reedonkulous 2 letter words and justifying them by saying it was acceptable on Scrabulous.

we finished up drinks and then headed back to Feil. we were separated into 2 camps and by the time my camp showed up in front of Feil we were greeted by the 1st camp b/c apparently Wifey had locked herself out. i have Prez my key to get his snowboard while we all hovered outside for the smokers and then headed upstairs where it turned out Prez wasn't b/c he was up on the 21st floor. i swear he must be dating someone up there b/c he's always there. finally he showed up and just in a nick of time b/c Adidas was wrangling w/Egg to let him into his apartment b/c he had to pee. as always happens when we start drinking at home, the night turned into Rock, Paper, Scissors drinking games but in korean. Egg is always on fire in that game (which i know he's secretly proud of) and eventually we got a match going w/Horse representing Korea and Egg representing the US (whiteys). whiteys lost.
while all this was going on, Wifey had disappeared into the bathroom for a significant amount of time only to reappear and kick us all out of the apartment! she kept pushing Horse to get his laundry from downstairs and leave (he doesn't live in Feil). we moved over to Egg's, where Wifey followed us to and then she was harassing Horse saying he lied to her and to hurry up and get his laundry and go. eventually she went back into our apartment and i assumed she passed out. the rest of my night was hazy and i don't remember exactly how it all ended but i do remember getting back to my apartment, making some food and then promptly passing out before i even ate it.

the next morning i get a phone call from Egg waking me up at 1:30 pm. i ignored it and tried to get back to sleep but it was a lost cause b/c soon-after there was a knocking on my door. it was Wifey. and then i heard 1 of the funniest stories of my life:
however, i can't share this story w/you b/c Wifey has sworn all of us to secrecy. suffice it to say tho that it's 1 of the funniest stories i've heard and if i see you around i'll probably get around to telling you it anyways, altho it'll be edited for the protection of the persons involved. i can only reveal it obviously involved drunkeness, a little throwing up, and some missing articles of clothing.

so when Wifey tells me this story i'm already rolling on the floor w/laughter. 30 minutes later Egg calls me to recount the story and i've literally got tears in my eyes. it's the kind of story you never get tired of hearing/telling b/c it's that funny. even right now i can feel a snicker making its way out...

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