Monday, January 21

the tea tea dance aka HAA-LLO

who's just been really really lazy lately? that'd be me! aish...w/school and all the events going on, even when i've had down-time all i really want to do is veg out and not use my brain at all...but now entries have been piling up and i must get to them or else i'll never get up to date.
i finally went to dim sum w/KimChi which we'd been talking about doing since i met her November of last year but our schedules never worked out until beginning of January. we finally met up and we went to, where else? Jing Fong for dim sum brunch. i invited Snoopy since he likes the skinny korean girls but KimChi is so adorable and fun. i've got to learn that if i hang out w/Snoopy too much i'm gonna turn into a giant fatty. he orders so much food! it wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that he barely eats any of it! argh...that is so frustrating. he just went into a frenzy at Jing Fong and there were us 3 girls and him. aish...however, the conversation was pretty interesting since i haven't seen KimChi since the 1st time i'd met her. KimChi's korean but learned to speak mandarin chinese which is why we hit it off so quickly. we both wanted someone to practice mandarin w/. KimChi's friend turned to me and asked me:

"how do you say 'hello' in chinese?"

this question always makes me smile b/c in all honesty, yes, there's the "ni hao ma?" that everyone knows, but most chinese ppl don't greet each other w/that except for when you're greeted by salespeople upon entering a retail store/restaurant. for the most part ppl who speak chinese greet each other by saying "hello". i told Olives that and she didn't believe me! just like korean has "aneonhaseo" (i'm spelling that phonetically so don't kill me), she wanted to know what was the chinese equivalent. i kept on insisting that "hello" or "hi" was the equivalent but she didn't think so, so i thought really hard and came up w/this answer:


yep, that really fobby, mispronunciation of "hello" you often hear FOBs say b/c that's 1 of the few english words they know. and it's true, when i travelled in Taipei i would get a lot of "hallos". and the pronunciation's always dragged out for some reason. so i said it Olives and even as i heard myself say it i started to laugh and so did she. i don't know why it was so funny.

afterwards, KimChi was yearning for some good boba milk tea so we went to Tea-riffic (i'm not joking, that was the name or at least that's what it's gonna be called for this month). i think Snoopy mentioned this place is run by the same ppl who run St. Alps on E.9th and you can tell. the menu's pretty identical. of course, even tho we'd just finished eating dim sum and were stuffed, Snoopy ordered toast w/crushed peanuts and condensed milk. now, when you hear an order like that you would think it'd be presented like peanut butter & jelly right? layered 1 on top of the other? nope. it's presented by smearing 1 diagnol portion of the toast w/peanut butter and the other diagnol portion w/condensed milk butter. although KimChi complained about the condensed milk butter smelling like baby powder, we all ate some and it was admittedly good.
i split up w/them after this and went to go catch up w/Debs who's just come back from visiting her dad in Beijing. we ended up meeting at St. Alps...for more tea. aish. so since i'd woken up that day i'd had meals and meetings centered around tea. i'm just figuring that tea's good for you so it can't hurt for me to drink so much, right? i did order another piece of toast, albeit w/coconut butter this time. it was heavenly delicious and all these tea shops use that big fat asian toast that reminds me of spending summers at my grandma's in Taipei. while at St. Alps i went to use the restroom (hello?! 1 bathroom for the whole cafe?!) and had to wait in line. the guy to go next was doing the pee pee dance hard core. i was secretly laughing to myself and waiting until he got into the bathroom before i discussed w/the other ppl about how funny that was, when he ended up mentioning it himself. it was actually quite endearing.
Debs and i caught up on all the love gossip in her life (since she's never w/o it-girl's got game). she'd gone to LA for her company's christmas party (yes they flew them out to LA) and had met a man there. they had their fling and she fleetingly mentioned he should come out to NYC and visit her sometime and man went and booked a ticket the next week! see, i told you she's got game. she's pretty excited about this guy but lamenting the long distance relationship thing. i used to be a strong advocate against it but as we've gotten older, i admit that as long as the 2 of you are working (not in school) there really shouldn't be a problem. o yea, and there is 1 more requirement: you've got to be living in LA, NYC, Boston or D.C. otherwise it's a no-go. i pick those cities b/c there are always flight deals between LA and NYC and Boston and D.C. are a stone's throw away from NYC. any other city is just preposterous. i told Debs this theory and she couldn't stop laughing. "what about Chicago?" she asked. puh-lease. Chi-town, Dallas, Denver?whatever.
i was exhausted after all these outings and was planning a night in when KimChi and Snoopy called about going to Kenka for more food and drinks. i always have a soft spot for Kenka so i agreed and since i was out i decided to go to Chase Honeycup's bday party at 205 Club as well. Kenka was fun (and very filling). we decided to head over to LES towards Chase's bday party and while walking i fell. i mean, i took a massive digger. no no, it wasn't b/c i was wasted. instead me feet got tripped up on my jeans. i swear! so that was embarassing...
we only stopped by Chase's for a minute altho i was impressed w/how Snoopy finessed the line. there was a line to get into 205 Club (why? i have no idea. it wasn't even that packed). i told the doorman we were there for Chase's bday but that didn't work. just as me, KimChi and Olives were heading towards the back of the line, Snoopy talks to the doorman again saying how we're 3 girls etc. and the guy let's us in! smooth Snoopy. i can tell you've done this before.

we only stayed for a minute before heading over to Crime Scene for Snoopy's friends bday party. the place was pretty empty when we got there but they were playing good music to dance to so we all just let loose and danced. the place started to fill up more but then it felt like jackals circling their prey when KimChi, Olives and i danced together. yuck. tho i did meet some really cute asian twins. that's the 2nd set this year! i never thought they existed and now they're just popping out of the woodwork! albeit they were a little short. it turned out it was their birthday.

o, i forgot to mention. after i'd split up w/KimChi, Olives and Snoopy in Chinatown, they'd gone into Aji Ichiban to look at snacks and candy. when they walked in the salesperson greeted them w/a, you guessed it, "haa-llo"

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