Friday, January 11

this is my dance space, that is your dance space

i had 2 things happen today that i've realized are on my extensive list of pet peeves:

1. so this 1 isn't actually a pet peeve but i'm always disturbed when i have dreams that involve real ppl that i know. this morning i had a dream involving Anime, Cousin, and Cindy. considering i haven't seen Anime or Cindy in a while (w/Cindy it's been years w/Anime it's rounding out 6 mths probably) dreams involving real ppl always make me ponder for an hour after i wake up about what it all means and why i would be having a dream involving them. what does it all mean?!

2. this is an actual pet peeve: i hate it when someone texts me in such a way that forces me to have to contact them later. for instance, i got a text today telling me to go to Pacha. then it said call me later for details. uh hello? couldn't you just text me the relevant info? why couldn't the text have said Pacha, the address and time and if they were curious if i was going, it could've ended w/a simple "you coming?". it's totally unnecessary to make me call you to get "more details". messages like that annoy me for 2-fold reasons. not only b/c you're trying to make me contact you when you're the 1 who's (half-assedly) contacting me and also b/c it comes out totally insincere and mass-textish. needless to say, i didn't go.

and then let's discuss the reedonkulous-ness of the newest development in my apartheid apartment. i think i've gotten used to the weird reedonkulous-ness to the point that it doesn't phase me anymore but instead find it mildly entertaining. tho i still love bitching about it. ok, so as if it wasn't already apparent that discord exists in our living arrangement, the kitchen acts as a visual display. prior to winter break there was already 2 coffee makers and then my little corner which includes a rice cooker (thanks Debs!) and a coffee grinder. now after winter break, we have 3 coffee makers and 2 rice cookers. hmm, do you think it shows that we don't get along?

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