Monday, January 8

productive saturday

so i'm usually a big bum on the weekends, i'm not sure why. i just like lazing around and having no obligations/requirements/ deadlines. i'm sure law school's made me this way. which is why when i actually have a productive saturday, i've of course got to write about it.

on this legendary saturday Gohm and i decided to go out for brunch, already a big step up from the usual Bagel Bob's (which i love too, don't get me wrong, but i wonder if we would go as often if it wasn't right under his apt). we decided to check out something new and trekked over to Annie's which had received rave brunch reviews. when we approached the restaruant there was already a crowd outside and the hostess advised us it would be at least a 20 min wait. however, have no fear b/c those hostesses are all business at Annie's. If they call you and you're not there, they move right now so we sat after only about a 10 min wait. this place has an extensive brunch/breakfast menu and they mean business. they have everything any body could possibly want. varieties of pancakes ranging from plain ol' buttermilk to peach/pumpkin/berry dream and the same goes for their waffles. omelettes? french toast? you've got it. Gohm went for eggs benedict (although there was one version involving filet mignon that i was dying to try) and i got pumpkin pancakes, a poached egg and a side of sausage. for $3.50 the sausage side really isn't worth it but the pumpkin pancakes were really good, perfect balance of pumpkin and cinnamon (not too overpowering). Gohm's eggs benedict were ok but he claims Bar Tabac's is much better. the overall verdict for Annie's? i liked it. it had a nice comfortable atmosphere and the variety is very refreshing. it's a little pricey for brunch but eh, it's NYC.

after our brunch we headed to the eye doctor for Gohm to get an annual check-up. Gohm graciously let me in to the exam room while he got his test and i got to see him dodge the glaucoma test machine. hilarious. you ever see that episode of Friends where Rachel hates the eye doctor and keeps pulling away before the puff of air occurs during the glaucoma test? well, i had a very similar experience but Gohm's was even funnier. i've been forbidden to share it but let me just say that from the moment he sat down in front of that machine i was having trouble stifling my laughter.

later that night we went to Ithaka a Greek restaurant near Gohm's apt. this place was so so so good. we just popped in thinking it was pretty casual but the place was packed and we had to wait a bit before getting a table. however, completely worth it. we got keftedakia (seasoned meatballs)for appetizers, which were very savory and delish. as entrees Gohm got the grilled lambchops and i got arni youvetsi. omg. everybody should experience this entree at least once. it's cooked in a clay pot and filled w/orzo and tender lamb cubes all simmered in tomatoes. sort of like greek version of spaghetti. one of the best things i've ever eaten and will definitely be returning for. the place is a little pricey but the atmosphere is very nice, dimly lit and live music plus the staff was great.
i almost forgot to add the most productive part of the saturday. after dinner we headed over to Tin Lizzie and met up w/T for drinks. this bar is definitely starting to grow on me. 1st of all they do 2 for 1 specials from 8-11 on friday and saturday nights. plus they have the best guest bartenders. why are they the best? b/c they're totally clueless. when Gohm and i got there i ordered a bailey's on the rocks and he ordered a hennessy neat. after asking whether that meant w/ice, the bartender then said they may not have hennessy. Gohm pointed out the bottle to her and then said it's usually poured in a cognac glass which of course she didn't know. i explained it's like a wine glass but shorter and wider. she then proceeded to pull out a wine glass. we told her to put it in a regular short glass which she did, up to the rim. literally the thing was overflowing. then came time for the bill in which she wasn't very good at giving correct change or charging the same amount. she was an awesome bartender.

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