Wednesday, January 10

hilariously shocked

so i've just had 2 hilarious incidents happen today that i feel i must share.

i had Con Law this afternoon, and since it's the beginning of the 2nd term, it's just sort of trudging along, doing the same old ho-hum, discussing Marbury v. Madison. you know, the usual. at the end of class, Professor Hellerstein begins talking about when he was practicing in the 60s and 70s and how outrageous a time it was and the impact it had on the legal industry. He had lawyers in his office driving those crazy tie-dyed VW bugs and getting arrested for carrying a roach to meet their client in jail. The most outrageous story he told was about how he and a bunch of lawyers and other activists of the doctor caliber went at midnight to a judge's house to get an ex parte order to allow him to enter Attica immediately after a riot. After they obtained the order they were on the road in one of those crazy VW vans when they got pulled over by about 20 state troopers. One of the van's passengers told professor that the troopers looked like they would search the van. The professor responded "so what?" and was advised the van had about half a pound of marijuana. luckily, the order the judge signed also stated that they weren't to be interfered w/on the federal highway so ultimately the state troopers ended up escorting him and the group to Attica while they carried the marijuana. Crazy.
after class, i went home and just chilled out, watched some Ellen and saw something even more incredulous. Lilly Capeheart, the lizard whisperer. Seriously, if you saw this you would've laughed too. she hypnotizes lizards. and she's a little kid. and then she puts the hypnotized lizards in hilarious outfits and scenes.

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