Thursday, January 25

and so it begins...

it's restaurant week again in NYC. went to Megu w/Gohm, Chow and Tina for my 1st Restaurant Week dinner. initially i thought their prix-fixe menu was kind of week. no options, no choices. just a yuzu caesar salad, kobe beef steak smothered w/black sesame and ginger and spicy tuna roll. however, we did notice during non-Restaurant Week Megu offers a prix-fixe menu of $80 which is actually a great deal. it offers a choice of any hot/cold appetizer from the menu, any soup, any salad, any entree and dessert. too bad for us they weren't offering it during Restaurant Week.

Tina and i both got the prix-fixe menu and Chow and Gohm ordered a la carte. Gohm got hamachi carpaccio which was good, the fish tasting very fresh. the yuzu caesar was surprisingly really good, but that might've just been b/c i was pretty hungry considering it'd taken us about an hr to decide what to order. Gohm and Chow both ordered the scallop foie grais (so so so good), really tender and the foie grais sauce is amazing. the kobe beef was actually really yummy and Gohm ordered saikyo miso chicken which was decent. Chow's lobster was the best tho. the few bites i had were very flavorful but still moist. yum yum. for dessert i've actually forgotten exactly what we got (i know, what a travesty! my favorite part of the meal! i don't know what that says about Megu's dessert...) but i think it was a molten chocolate kind of dessert and something w/green tea. o well, the dinner was overall good and the atmosphere was very nice, and service was pretty impressive (w/a few slip-ups). i think it was most fun due to the company.

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