Wednesday, January 17

Gay or British?

i saw this title somewhere in a long time ago and i still think it's very applicable b/c it IS pretty hard to tell whether someone's gay or just British. it has something to do w/the way they dress and their mannerisms...

so Papoose came to visit me from the UK, or so i thought... he had flown to Chicago to attend a fellow abroader's wedding (wow, i still can't wrap my head around the fact that ppl my age are getting married). While i love friends visiting, especially someone as important a historical figure as Papoose, i like things to be planned. i hate spur of the moment (i know, i'm old now). i got a call from him on New Year's day saying he would be arriving in NY on the 2nd. after not hearing from him for 3+ months. then he asked me if he could stay at my place. what could i say? especially since he doesn't seem to really know anyone else here.

He and Rob showed up at my place around 10 pm starving and thirsty so we went to O'Keefe's around the corner and did $3 pints and caught up. it seems they've been having a ball showing off their British accents to all the dumbstruck American girls they meet (yes we are easily impressed by those British and Aussie accents). Afterwards we headed to Floyd's and had a few drinks before heading home to sleep. Pretty quiet night since nobody was back at BLS yet. The next morning they headed off to NJ to visit friends and family. and then i lost them for 36 hrs. yep, no word from them about what they were doing/when they would be back, and since they only have international cellphones i couldn't call them. so annoying.

Poor Bubs, Kir and Debs had wanted to see him too but since he was MIA Debs, Bubs, Wifey and i met up at Yakitori Taisho for dinner hoping he would just ring up and meet us while we were out but that didn't happen. either way we had a great dinner, even w/o Papoose. when i finally did hear from him it was the day before he was leaving and he told me he would be going to a show in Williamsburg for a friend's band which i just didn't feel like doing (plus i was pretty miffed) so they just picked up their stuff and headed their own way.

And that was my Papoose experience.

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