Sunday, January 14

Happy New Year!

yea!! it's 2007!! wait, i'm not sure i'm so happy about that. i just feel older. and that means more things i've got deadlines to do before the summer hits... aww man...
anyways, Gohm made dinner plans to spend New Year's eve at Le Singe Vert. the food was fabulous, one of the better limited menus i've seen in a while. Debs and i opted to split raw oysters and an amazing salad w/goat cheese and smoked salmon which were fantastic and they also had options of lobster bisque and crabcake which Gohm got and i liked too. Entrees i ordered cod (i think) which was very good and Gohm got filet mignon w/fois grais (did i spell that right?). his was very good. overall i had a great time w/the people i was w/ w/o being overwhelmed and an amazing meal on top of it so i loved it.

plus, this was the 1st new year's where i had a designated new year's kiss. very memorable and romantic.

this is Debs' slutty New Year's balloon. it got w/everybody that night.

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