Friday, January 26

old ties

recently got a chance to meet up w/1 of the attorneys i worked for prior to starting law school. He's an alumni of BLS and was in Brooklyn for work so he sent me an email to meet up at Saul's for drinks. plus, when it comes to eating and drinking he has impeccable taste.

1st off, i got totally lost on the way over b/c Saul's is located on Smith St. between Dean and Bergen which is a total of 4 blocks from Feil Hall but Egg and i were chatting and discussing and ended up walking all the way to Union Street (which, if you don't know Brooklyn Heights geography, is pretty far south from where we intended to go). we finally get there and sit w/Ross and Lisa, Saul's wife, and have a glass of champagne and just do some catching up. Ross, who's a huge oenophile so naturally he'd brought his bottle of red, something from the Arejos vineyard circa 1998. phew, it was so smooth and delish and i'm scared to think of how much that 1 bottle cost. we all started w/a scallop appetizer in a curry lemongrass broth. the scallop was super tender but the surprise was the last bite. i took my last bite and got a huge burst of citrus, which totally shocked me. Egg had the exact same experience and we discussed the ingenuity of creating such a dish. yum yum.

i, stupidly, had eaten before we'd met up b/c i figured it was 9 pm and maybe Ross had already eaten but no no. he let Egg and i taste some of his squaw and i started salivating hard core. Ross chastized me for eating before meeting w/him and i just commented that Egg actually hadn't eaten and, voila, Egg got his own plate of squaw served w/a side of risotto. i kept picking at his food b/c it was so good. finally we ordered dessert and i got Baked Alaskan for the 1st time, which was overall very good even tho i think i could do w/o the meringue part on top (i've never been a big fan of meringue. does that make me weird?) and Egg's molten chocolate cake was divine.

so, got to enjoy a great meal at a place i probably couldn't afford on my usual law school salary (being sarcastic here) and the place was cozy w/amazing food. the fact that it was packed on a random tuesday night is a testament to how good it is.

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