Tuesday, January 23

it's all kosher

so Gohm and i had another productive saturday a bit back. always, momentous, so had to write about it.

the previous night Gohm and i went to eat at Chiyono and had an very satisfying home-style Japanese dinner. the food is very impressive. we started w/gyoza and a soba salad. the pork gyoza was so light and full of flavor and the soba salad was light as well, but hearty at the same time. the seasoning on the soba salad was so flavorful but still light. i really liked it. afterwards Gohm got the ground pork katsu which came out in 3 small patty-like portions served w/an amazing salad and i got a egg-battered cod which came w/potato salad. both entrees were, again, amazingly light and the only qualm i had was that the cod still had small bones in it. what surprised the most was that initially we both felt we might need more food, not feeling the heaviness that comes w/a filling meal but w/in 20 minutes after finishing our entree we both had the an amazing sense of fullness. overall i really liked the meal and its originality.

the next day we met w/Chow and Tina to go see Children of Men. omg. amazing movie. the themes are so current dealing w/present-day issues and to see those kinds of themes presented in visual imagery is so affecting. unbelievable and while i would love to spend crazy time discussing it, don't want to present spoilers to such a good movie. just definitely go see it. and don't get mislead by the trailer, while yes, the movie originates w/the idea of infertility of the human race, it goes into such much more. the loss of innocence in world w/o children, the combative aspect of human nature and what can bind that race together, hope and despair, inhumane treatment of ppl, segregation, interment camps, current immigration issues... so much. my mind was completely abuzz after the movie.
later, we all went out to dinner at Park East Grill, which is a kosher steakhouse. a novel idea, but the concept didn't play out overall. i had a corn salad appetizer, which was good and refreshing but not the usual expectation i have for corn salad. we also had generic lettuce cups as a group starter. Gohm and Chow ordered prime rib which was served w/mashed potatoes and they ordered an additional side of white wine sauteed spinach. i had the lamb chops also served w/mashed potatoes and Tina ordered 2 starters as entrees, beef skewers and mushroom puff pastry. Tina's pastry was salty and the skewers weren't anything better than usual, all the mashed potatoes were cold, and while my lamb chops were ok, Gohm seemed to have a lot of fat on his prime rib.
after dinner Gohm and i capped off our night w/drinking and card games w/Egg back at Feil in Brooklyn.

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