Friday, June 30


this week has been about a lot of consumption. whether it be food or alcohol i've definitely overindulged this week.

aside from the wine overload on monday night, i went to Dave & Buster's on Wednesday. hadn't ever been before but had heard many things, after all, it's pretty rare to have an arcade hall in New York. had to fight through the crowd at Times Square which is never fun but eventually got there and made a direct bee-line for drinks. it was at that point that i introduced Gohm to my liquid dinner diet.

for some reason, whenever i meet up for afer-work activities, i'm rarely ever hungry. instead i fill my stomach w/booze & more booze and then go home, never having eaten. the next day, to counteract the uncomfortableness i have i consume a large lunch meal and lots of water and then the cycle starts again. so when Gohm asked if i was hungry i honestly wasn't. even so, he ordered Fondue Fries which is a totally ingenius way of eating cheese fries b/c they put the cheese over a little candle so it is always hot and melted. so smart.

actually had a lot of fun at the arcade. haven't been to one in years mainly b/c most of my friends hate looking foolish. at one point i made Gohm do the dance machine w/me and we got completely schooled by an 8yr old girl. so embarassing.

by thursday my body was basically hating me. i spent all day at work wishing i was at home sleeping. had already made plans for dinner though so i toughed it out and went to Bar Americain. place is very nice and since we went to early dinner, not packed at all. the service is impeccable, and even though it took forever for us to decide what to eat, the waiter never rushed us. we got crabcake and tuna tartar as apps. the tartar was real yummy and it was served w/crostini. since i wasn't that hungry i ordered mussels in green chile broth. when it came out it was a GINORMOUS pot of just mussels. what was really interesting was the wild salmon entree. the flavor was unbelievable. it's hard to describe but it was wild (salmon, haha). as Gohm said, "it's a party in my mouth". the next time we go, i want to order from their raw bar. holy bejesus, the tables that ordered it had 3 tiers of giant plates of just shellfish galore. even though i wasn't that hungry i still couldn't help staring at their food.

afterwards we headed out for more drinks but by that time my body just gave up so i got home early and went straight to sleep. when i woke up this morning i was so happy and relieved that i'd finally gotten some rest.

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