Friday, June 2

can this really be happening?

So Darling and i went on a pseudo-date last night. i call it a pseudo-date b/c we met for drinks around 10 pm. there was no dinner and it's not like he shelled out a lot of cash so it doesn't count as an actual date. not that monetary wealth is a necessary identifying marker of a real date. however, if he had gotten access into the apartment that night he wuold've gotten all the benefit w/very little effort. hence, he did not.

originally Pal & i were supposed to go to see a preview screening of The Breakup. unfortunately that fell through so Pal decided to go to the Pearl Jam concert at Meadowlands Arena instead (she'd already had the tickets but was going to blow it off for the movie). Douglife had bought the tickets and had harassed me to buy the remaining extra ticket from him yesterday at a significantly reduced price but i just wasn't that interested. i listened to Pearl Jam in high school and still like them today but just don't love them. plus i'm still broke so i couldn't really afford it.

so none of my friends were in hoboken and it looked like it was going to be a quiet thursday when Darling called and offered to meet up. he picked me up and we went to Green Rock where we ran into Doogie (one of Pal's ex-fling things, given the name b/c he occassionally looks like Doogie Howser, M.D.) and then moved on to Mile Square (my favorite quiet local). overall the pseudo-date was fun.

the thing is, whenever Pal asks me to go somewhere w/her & i decline, i almost always regret it the next day. this time was no different. i called Pal this morning and i knew i (sort of) regretted not going to Pearl Jam. first off, Mang had met 2 guys the night before the concert who were also going that day. so Mang, being the ballsy girl that she is, emailed them the next day and asked if she & Pal could hitch a ride in their car so they wouldn't have to take the bus. and wouldn't you know it? they had just enough room in their car for 2 cute girls! of all the luck...

i guess i should've known then that this concert would be off the hook for Pal & Mang. turns out they showed up @ the concert and never even made it to their seats to meet Douglife & Jew. they got approached by some guys who had gotten their own private box and was asked to join them b/c they had too many "dudes" in their box. so Mang & Pal got to hang out in a private box and drink & eat for free. of course, Douglife & Jew ditched them at the concert so Pal & Mang had to take the bus back to the city but they had no cash to pay for the bus so they kept bugging guys to lend them money for the bus.

that's the story so far. Pal had to leave for a meeting @ 10 am so i haven't gotten the whole story yet but i'm sure i'll hear it later.

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