Thursday, June 22

i heart Restaurant Week

heehee. i got the title for this post from Bubby and it perfectly expresses how i feel about Restaurant Week. July 10-14th & July 17th-21st is Restaurant Week in Manhattan. Participating restaurants will host prix-fixed menus for lunch & dinner. lunch will cost $24.07 (respresenting the 24-7ness of NY) and dinner will cost $35.00. i love these things b/c it's probably the only time i'll get to eat at Nobu or Tribeca Grill while not having to mortgage my house (if i had one).

speaking of eating deliciously, i got the chance to go to Morimoto's recently. yum yum yum.

This place is very trendy but definitely not not personable (hmm double negative but it's true). i'd heard things about the service and it's all true! they are literally at your beck & call. the person i was there w/dropped his napkin on the way to the bathroom & the waitstaff had a new one pressed & folded for him on the table before his return. i watched w/giddy awe.

we def ordered a lot of food but i didn't feel gross afterwards which is a good thing. we had yummy toro sashimi (mmm fatty tuna. they're so much yummier than the other tuna b/c they just lay around getting fat while the other tuna is all healthy w/exercise & muscle.blech.), lamb carpaccio w/basil sauce & spicy king crab (sauce was a little salty but the crab was delish). we also got rock shrimp tempura which is what everyone gets there.

for entrees he got the duck, duck, duck (that's the real name of the dish! i felt like saying "goose" right after he'd ordered but i restrained myself) and i got the blackened cod. his was much better than mine. o & we tried the honey-infused sake which was yum. we had 2 bottles of those.

i have no idea what the cost was but i'm pretty sure it was insanity. would i ever pay that much for food of any kind? probably not. would i let someone else pay for me to eat food of that kind? absolutely.

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