Thursday, June 8

My First Singles Mixer

so last night i hosted my first singles mixer. FDR & i concocted this idea when we met in Vegas. i was going to introduce him to my single girlfriends and in turn he would introduce me to some of his single guy friends (which according to ASW he doesn't have much of anyways-but i only learned this in the aftermath). anyways, i got home and started calling the few girl friends i have who are single and things started to get big. Pal was going to invite a bunch of her girlfriends, Nells, Ahjima, Spoon, Debs, Bubs & Kiks were all coming. things were slowly ballooning out. however, FDR wasn't really coming through w/the guy connection and things started to look a little girl heavy so Pal & i called in for reinforcements. Debs asked Ben to come & bring friends, Pal asked a bunch of work guys & i invited O & he would bring some of his work buddies.

things never turn out as planned.

yesterday ended up being a drizzly & yucky day which in turn made many of the girls i knew back out. this is one of my personal pet peeves. if you make commitment to something, stick w/ it. is it that hard people? unless a dire emergency comes up there's no reason to bail. so what ended up happening? the mixer became very guy heavy instead which is never a good thing. we all met up at Beer Bar on 45th & Vanderbilt and sat in the outdoor patio (luckily it has an awning). it was an interesting mix of ppl & i can't say for everyone else but i had a hilarious time.

First shocker of the night came when O showed up w/his cousin Joy who i haven't seen in about a decade+. the last time i saw this girl she was probably just turning 10/11. so of course the first thing i blurt out to her is "are you old enough to be here?" god i'm such an old dork. turns out she's 22 now so yes, she is old enough to be there. she's definitely grown up but she is still a very pretty girl (she was so even when she was young) so O better watch out for her. even Rich said he wanted O to hook him up w/her & that just grossed me out (i understood it but it still grossed me out).

the night was hilarious. ppl kept straggling along and finally Ahjima got there @ 9 pm and we headed over to Still on 17th & 3rd. it was a mad dash for taxis and we were all trying to strategically get into the right ones. i wanted to be in O's cab; Ahjima & Nells wanted to be in mine; Mike & Johnny wanted to be in Nells and i don't think Pal & her Lehman buddies cared. of course since i am a master strategist i got the cab i wanted.

Still was good if only to eat mad amounts of apps (Debs, Nells & Judy were starving at that point). Ahjima & i got to try 2 new vodkas: Zygo & 44 North. i highly recommend both of these vodkas b/c they are delicious. now, i haven't been too kind on vodka & tequila shots these days since i had a horrific experience w/both of them so that whenever i do these shots i throw up w/o fail. however, Ahjima & i did the Zygo shot & it was heavenly and i had no regurgitation pyrotechnics accompanying it.

afterwards we went to Rich's place (which ironically i'd already been to w/Cha last summer. everyone found this highly amusing. it turns out the week that Cha stayed there he trashed Rich's place & ripped his sheets. everyone assumed Cha & i did this once they found out i'd stayed there but let me set the record straight by saying NOTHING happened w/Cha & i did NOT rip those sheets). we just hung out & watched some tv (Supercoasters anyone?) & finally Ahjima & i headed to her place on 86th & 2nd.

one more hilarious tidbit. i was getting ready to crash out on Ahjima's couch when i smelled something funky. i turned to her and said "Ahjima, something smells funny". she turned, looked me dead in the face and said "maybe it's you". i just about died. turns out it was the kimchee smell coming from her fridge b/c she'd just opened it to get some water. but still, the audacity.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love the cats @ still....thanks for spreading the Zygo and 44North gospel. Oh and check out our cocktails over at Lua in Hoboken, they're pretty bad ass. Lua's probably one of my favorite spots in Jersey (amazing food).