Monday, June 5

the flood of 2006

insanity ensued on friday. the great flood of 2006 was in full effect by the time i left work. luckily i had purposely worn a dress & flip flops to work so i had no problems w/getting wet. and of course i had my trusty Totes umbrella (see previous post).

Ahjima was having a "goodie" party (wink wink) that night so i went home and took a nap in preparation. unfortunately, due to the weather, the girl coming w/the goodies was flooded out of new york (she was coming in from jersey). never one to let anything stop her from a party Ahjima still had us over. it took me an hour and a half to get from 33rd street & herald square to Ahjima's on 86th and 2nd.

i got to Ahjima's and was greeted w/a glass of wine and...Full House! haha once again it is confirmed how Oppa obsessed i am. i walked into her apartment and, w/o even looking at the tv, knew she was watching Full House b/c of the theme music. Ahjima was watching it w/her Chinese roommate Alice who needed Ahjima to translate. here's where it gets even funnier. i translated for Alice even though there were no subtitles & the series was in korean. how you ask? o i just remembered the lines from most of the scenes. ok, i wasn't so good that i could do it all verbatim, but i was close.

Alice & Winter both speak mandarin and Winter kept playing Jay Chou & Wang Leehom MVs for us off of youtube. i get so giddy when i meet people who share my love of the Asian music & the entertainment scene. anyways, eventually SJ showed up w/some other guys and we started to play drinking games.

somewhere in the mix everyone managed to finish off a bottle of tequila, SJ's friend Dan threw up in the bathroom and then climbed into Alice's bed to go to sleep (which really pissed her off), it came out that Winter's dating someone who already has a girlfriend and SJ tried to hook me up w/his friend George who's already seeing someone. finally got home around 4 am thanks to SJ who drove me home although he & George kept trying to get me to go to Pal Park instead to get some Sul Rung Tang (which i wish i had now, but not then. i was tired at the time).

i woke up the next day slightly hung over & didn't leave my apartment until about 4:30 pm. i went to Astoria to hang w/Bubs & Kiks but honestly the only reason i got up and showered at all was to go get Beard Papas at Cafe Zaiya.

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