Thursday, June 1

the "Itis"

i've got major "itis" from lunch today. it's not uncommon for me to get "itis" after eating, regardless of the food or the quantity i ingest. anyways, b/c i have "itis" right now, i'm extra cranky. as such, here's the things i've seen today so far that annoy me:

1. people wearing clothes that are WAY too tight for them. the stomach hangs over the pants, the arms look like sausages coming out of tank tops and they usually have at least 3 donuts circling their upper body.

2. people who have to be touching you on the subway (any type of contact) even though there's plenty of room in the rest of the subway car. why?! why?!

3. getting stuck behind someone who is walking so slowly on the stairs or sidewalk and you can't pass them. occassionally this happens to me when the person in front can't help themselves (like an old person or a little kid). that doesn't mean i still don't get annoyed-hey i'm being honest here, not politically correct. however, when it's an able-bodied individual (particularly when it happens on the stairs and the person started fast and then just slowed down cause they got tired from walking the 15 steps-those out of shape bastards) i get very irate.

4. people who take picture of the WTC 9/11 site.

now i'm sure that some of this is just the "itis" but i'm pretty sure there are some valid points in here.

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