Friday, October 17

let's play 20 questions

...and any other games. DRC hosted a game night with probably the biggest turn out for a single game night at Feil Hall that i've ever seen. but having such a big turn-out has both pros and cons. the pros was lots of people=the more the merrier, but the con was that it's hard to get that many ppl to all want to play the same game with the same amount of enthusiasm. eventually the group splintered up to play different games.

looking all playa, playa

overall the night was pretty fun (although it got a little dicey when DRC tried to get us to play the vH1 i love the 80s game). once again, i rocked Pop 5. eventually the game digressed to where they just used the cards from Pop 5 to play charades. and of course, as is the custom when at a party at DRC's, someone spilled the bowl of tortilla chips.speaking of parties, DRC and i went to the Inter-APALSA event at Vesta last night. initially i didn't really want to go the city but since i'd finally finished my Memorandum of Law for Fundamentals of Legal Drafting, i just felt the necessity to go out and it seemed like nobody was staying around locally so there was no alternative but to go to the city. ironically, it ended up being DRC, Creeper and me that went together to the event. who would've guessed that that trio would be the one together? awkward...
in the end it was a good idea going to the city. altho the Inter-Apalsa event was definitely not as successful as last year (when Co-Chair and i were the social chairs for APALSA. even tho our reign had its own kinks, at least we always had big turn outs to our events), BLS came out and represented (we always do). Vesta played good music, fun to dance to, and DRC and i got our dancing shoes on. at one point DRC made the decision that she should totally be a go-go dancer instead of a lawyer, and i agree. BigPapa had a table with a bottle (although we were polite and only had once cup between DRC and i-we're not complete mooches).

a few interesting things happened:
(1) the Twins came back into my life! both of them happened to be at the event (yes, asians are that clique-y. we do all know each other). it was really good catching up w/them.
(2) apparently Wifey told SuperAzn that i hate her and want to punch her in the face, which is completely untrue. i only barely know SuperAzn aside from the fact that she's Princess's mentee, from NYU, and is (as by the nickname) super-asian. honestly, Wifey's got to grow up. i know she's very insecure and likes to be the "i'm-super-straightforward-don't-care-if-you-don't-like-it" type, but she also has this mean-streak because of all that and talks a lot of shit about everybody. you always gotta be careful with that girl.
(3) DRC invited a guy from Vesta to Floyd's, thinking he was hitting on me, but in actuality he was waiting for her. the guy came over to me and DRC while we were dancing and we were about to leave to head back to Brooklyn. right at the moment he got there DRC ran off to the bathroom and the guy just continued to stand there next to me. it was kind of awkward. it was pretty obvious he was just biding time until DRC got back so i just politely made convo with him until she got back (where you from, we're heading back to Brooklyn, etc.). when DRC got back from the bathroom i immediately walked away so that he could get on with business. she invited him to Floyd's and he said yes and started to follow us and DRC ran over to me to let me know she did me a favor by inviting him to Brooklyn until i explained he was hitting on her not me. how do i know? while DRC was in the bathroom i was conversing with the guy and told him we were leaving and heading to Brooklyn which he commented was too far for him since he lived in Murray Hill. but as i walked away and he was talking to DRC and she invited him to Brooklyn i distinctly heard him say, "yea, sure i'll go". so DRC inadvertently returned the affection of the guy hitting on her and ultimately gave him her number.
(4) Lockbox, Hapa, and 2.0 just prove that all boys are dogs. in the span of the night all 3 of them peed in alleyways. Lockbox was the worst b/c he peed outside as soon as we hopped out of the cab although we were right outside of Floyd's and were about to go in. he couldn't wait the 3 seconds to walk into Floyd's and use their bathroom.

i hadn't really intended to go out for anything significant since i still had to edit my paper which was due the next day at 11 am but of course the night ended up with me getting home at 4 am and had to wake up at 9 to do work. i am completely exhausted right now, but had a great time last night. what a good call on going out.

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Vicki Loo said...

ohhh Wifey. I'm sorry teens. Can I bitchslap her please??