Monday, October 20

Out w/the Bad, In w/the Better

i've recently been in a little bit of a hide-out mode. however, this time it's a little different. it's not that i want to hide-out from anyone in particular and instead i'm longing for the days of yore, when life was less complicated and things were just about having some simplistic fun. recently, going out been's more dramatic and there has been more backlash for every action and reaction. and even tho, at this point, i truly believe it's all over and done with (for the most part), i think i'm having PTS regarding it and it makes me just want to sit at home or just have a quiet hang-out with my friends instead of starting a whole adventure out. sometimes when i'm out, aside from the handful of ppl i'm actually out with, i get a feeling of being displaced from the rest of the ppl there. and tho we greet each other with hugs and chat and joke and have fun, i get the feeling that if it came down to it, i would never see this person again. and i'd be ok with that. but i stay there and troop on through because it's better to have more friends than less, even if they're only good for when i need to add a body count to a party. depressing, right? sigh, maybe i'm just rambling... grumpy from trying to diet.

with my laziness, i've been cruising the web alot. so much fun stuff. i'm just on it until i give myself a headache and have to go to bed. i did find a video to a song i really like with 2 girls who made up a dance routine. i think i'm gonna ask Stitch or DRC to learn it and then teach it to me. looks fun.

i really shouldn't be so disaffected. things have been on the up and up ever since school started (relatively speaking). after all, i have brand spanking new roommates. no more Bobsey Twins! woo-hoo! that thought alone is enough to perk up my mood a bit. in celebration of the new roommates, we had a party. honestly, i don't think we'll have another party that was as well-stocked as this one. DRC and i bought beer, Coleslaw bought vodka and made OJ and cranberry frozen shooters, Six made sangria, and then some guests brought wine or booze. love thoughtful guests. then there was beerpong and although i'd intended to be able to play flip cup too, it wasn't necessary because ppl were sufficiently lubricated and mingling. what was even better was that some of my friends outside of law school even attended (tho no Oppa, i swear i'm gonna have to disavow him soon). and 2 of them, Douglife and Stitch, even got lucky! they both got lucky in different ways, but honestly, this is what all friends should be doing.

Douglife got lucky in that he ended up going home with 1 of Six's friends. apparently the girl was pretty wasted tho. she called Six the next morning asking how it was she ended up in Hoboken (where Douglife lives) and how disoriented she was when she woke up. however, just so it doesn't seem life Douglife's a creeper, the girl also commented on how much of a gentleman Douglife was by calling her a cab and getting her breakfast the next day. on the other hand, Stitch got lucky in a totally different way. she met Kiddo and those 2 were intellectually hooking up all night long. irony of ironies is that initially, she was interested in Hapa but we had a miscommunication and i thought she'd said Kiddo. things have worked out for the best tho because Kiddo and Stitch have really hit it off. and i'm so happy. plus, Hapa's turned out to be Lockbox 2.0 which means he's the kind of creeper that registers a 20 on a creeper scale of 1-10. so really Stitch dodged a bullet there. phew.

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HAHAHAHA omg that is SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!