Sunday, October 5

the Weardown

someone recently mentioned how the weardown really does work for guys some times. and you know what? i have to agree. i always knew the weardown worked, but it seems to have taken on a whole new spin recently and i gotta admit, i don't really like it.

here's the lowdown on what the weardown is. no, it's not a nickname for a real person. it's more of a labelling of the M.O. of certain guys. some guys bowl you over with how good-looking they are. others win you over with their wit, charm, and intellect. some just sweep you off your feet. or else it's just attraction at first sight. then there are the weardown guys. these guys don't do any of the above. instead they just wear you down. they hover around you, telling you how cute you are and making flirty suggestions. and you would never ever ever EVER like this guy and you constantly tell him such, but he still hovers. why does he continue to hover around you? because he wants to WEAR YOU DOWN. don't get me wrong: the weardown is applied by both guys and girls. and it's a common element of fairytale dorky guy/girl gets the popular guy/girl. it can be very endearing when you hear the story of the couple that got together because 1 of the 2 had been harboring a massive crush on the other and was just persistent until the other 1 finally got a clue and realized how great that person was. aww isn't that sweet. however, in recent times, i've noticed the weardown being employed in a much less chivalrous way. more and more, and i really only see this with guys, i see the weardown being used by guys on girls just so they can hook-up or get laid. they don't really like the girl. they don't want to date the girl. they just want to get some. that's despicable and kind of sad and pathetic too. the weardown should only be used if the other person is worth that much effort. you don't just use the weardown on everyone around you; it's not bait you put in a fishing net and see how many fish you can get. aish.

on to other topics.

i haven't been as involved with APALSA this year, mainly because i'm not on the e-board anymore (and honestly, thank god. now i can just go and enjoy the events). there are only 3 events of APALSA that i always must attend: the Minority Mixer, the Mentor-Mentee dinner, and the Alumni dinner. 2 of the 3 has already happened. the Minority Mixer was held at Bacchus this year, which was a poor choice of venue. altho we did have more outdoor room than last year's event at APT 138, the food choice was severely limited and if you're going to provide free drinks, you should at least fortify the stomachs of the people drinking or else you're gonna have a mess on your hands. the only thing they served were mini sliders and chicken puffs and these were served on platters. everyone i was with was starving since usually this event has a ginormous spread so we all hadn't eaten any dinner in preparation of the free food. it got to the point that waiter would walk immediately to our table first, knowing we were dying for some food. suffice it to say that with such little amount of food in my stomach i was pretty much out of commission shortly after the event.

Mentor-Mentee dinner was also a good free food and drink event, altho my mentee couldn't make it to the dinner. [insert frowny-face here]. regardless, i brought Egg up with me and we, along with Adidas, managed to play many rounds of Gawi Bawi Bo aka Muk Chi Ba [i've recently been informed that the way we play is actually Muk Chi Ba and i've incorrectly called it Gawi Bawi Bo all these years. o well, whatevs, i'm not actually korean so it's not really my fault]. super fun. and then i believe we all ended up at Brazen Head. but don't quote me on that. because for the life of me, right now i can't remember what happened later that night. eh, o well. it must not have been important then.

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